7 Reasons To Setup A Company In Canada

This blog discusses the top most reasons to setup a company in Canada including technological developments, simplicity of conducting business, and government support for entrepreneurs.


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    Reasons To Setup A Company In Canada in 2023

    Canada has been attractive for a long time to people who are trying to build an improved life for themselves and their families. The country is renowned for its stability in the economy and politics as well as business-friendly incentives.

    What is making North America even more stunning is its warm and open manner toward immigrants.

    reasons to setup a company in canada

    Its Government of Canada has put many immigration and visa programs in place, which allow foreigners to move in and get the most from their time in Canada.

    If you’re thinking of making the move to Canada, you will be overjoyed to learn that there are many options and friendly people which can make your Canadian stay worthwhile. In this article, we will be going to witness, the top most reasons to setup a company in Canada.

    List of Various Reasons to Setup a Company in Canada

    Down below we’ve listed a few of the most common reasons to set up a company in Canada.

    Innovations in technology in Canada

    One of the most important reasons to setup a company in Canada is the advancements in technology that have occurred in the country. Canada has a long tradition of technological innovation, particularly, MaRS Discovery District, which is the most prominent business acceleration center across the globe.

    It provides financial and intellectual aid in the creation of high-potential business businesses. Between 2008 and 2015, more than 1,000 new businesses were created in the District, generating an annual income that was 1.3 billion dollars. Technological giants like Microsoft, IBM, Cisco, Google, and Facebook have their divisions in Toronto.

    The ease of conducting business in Canada

    Another one of the reasons to setup a company in Canada is the ease with which business can be conducted in the nation. According to the World Bank, experts consider Canada the second-best country for starting an enterprise in the G20 nations, and the sixth-best nation around the globe. 

    Canada is particularly high on the list in terms of the ease of getting loans from banks and the guarantee of minor investors’ rights. The amount of money needed to establish a business to start a business in Canada will be around 75% less than the amount needed in the USA.

    State support for entrepreneurs in Canada

    Foreign nationals who establish businesses in Canada can take advantage of tax breaks in a variety of ways. The Canadian Government is particularly interested in promoting research and experiments. If your company is involved in any form of R&D then you’ll be paying lower taxes in Canada.

    The government of Canada makes every effort to assist startups that succeed. Forbes states that the Government will cover as much as 65% of expenses for establishing the business if the business uses new technology. If you’re a full-fledged entrepreneur though this is one of the best reasons to setup a company in Canada.

    Talents are plentiful in Canada

    The cost of education is not a problem in Canada and is supported by the state. Canada always is among the top nations in the way their educational systems are evaluated. 

    Canada is the world’s leader in the following areas of education:

    • The percentage of employees with a degree from a university;
    • The proportion of people with high-value skills
    • The amount of knowledge students have is a testament to the depth of knowledge they receive in Canada.

    Toronto is a popular destination for skilled immigrants from different countries which makes Toronto the ideal location for establishing an innovative business.

    The ability to access the U.S. market

    Because Canada is situated right close to America U.S. geographically, it is only natural that Canada enjoys a strong friendship with America. The proximity of the two countries helps facilitate the transportation of services and goods between the two nations. 

    In reality, more than 75% of exports to Canada can be explained through U.S. clients. Similarly to that, Canada is also the U.S.’s biggest customer, according to U.S. exports.

    Robust economy

    Over the past few years, Canada has enjoyed consistent and steady economic growth. While other nations were severely hit by the Global Recession in 2008, Canada avoided the financial crisis that caused a more mild recession than its fellow countries. 

    In the year 2020, many countries were affected negatively by the global pandemic and suffered negative growth in their economies, Canada was not the only one. Particularly the OECD anticipates seeing the Canadian economy increase by 6.1% by 2021.

    Rapidly growing entrepreneurial ecosystem

    One of the most prominent reasons to setup a company in Canada is its ongoing technology, which continues to grow and shows no sign of slowing down despite the COVID-19 epidemic raging about.

    There are three major innovation centers located in Ontario and they collaborate to bring about a fresh wave of technology within the country. This will enable more companies with capitalizations of more than $100 million to appear from the ocean of business in Canada.

    Looking to register a company in Ontario?


    Canada offers all conditions needed to start a successful technological start-up there. If you are willing to accept the responsibility of integrating yourself into the business community with tremendous potential, though you need to be quick to think and be a hard worker to succeed, however, the possibilities in Canada seem very attractive.

    Why don’t you sign up for your company in Canada and obtain a Startup visa, seek assistance from a reputable business accelerator, and work towards success in the world of business?

    If you have any concerns or have doubts about the reasons to setup a company in Canada and would like to know more, you can request an appointment with us. Odint Consulting and its team of specialists make sure that no information is unturned.


    An individual or corporate entity from any nation can establish a company in Canada.

    Registration for a company in itself will not take longer than one week.

    Prices range between $500 to $10,000. The costs for registering to vary in each province.

    Three fundamental business structures are available throughout Canada: sole proprietorship, corporation, and partnership

    In the aftermath of the overall tax cut, the tax rate for the net amount is 15%.