Start a Digital Marketing Company in the Netherlands: Requirements & Costs

In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the steps to start a digital marketing company in the Netherlands. We will further discuss the requirements, steps, and documents needed for launching a digital marketing company in the Netherlands.


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    start a digital marketing company in the netherlands

    Start a Digital Marketing Company in the Netherlands

    Embarking on the journey to start a digital marketing company in the Netherlands can be a rewarding venture, considering the country’s robust economy and tech-savvy population. The Netherlands, with its thriving business environment and strategic location in Europe, provides an ideal platform for entrepreneurs looking to start a digital marketing company in the Netherlands. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore why the Netherlands is an excellent choice, the requirements, steps, and documents needed, the costs involved in setting up a digital marketing business in the Netherlands.

    Why the Netherlands for Your Digital Marketing Company?

    1. Strategic Location and International Hub

    The Netherlands is well known for its advantageous position at the intersection of Europe. Due to its location, it is an ideal place for businesses wishing to expand into the European market. Thanks to its advanced infrastructure and superior connectivity, the nation promotes a climate that is conducive to business.

    2. Thriving Digital Economy

    The population of the Netherlands is tech-savvy and has a high internet penetration rate, contributing to the country’s growing digital economy. Early users of digital technologies, the Dutch offer a strong platform for the success of a digital marketing firm.

    3. Multilingual Population

    One of the unique benefits of setting up a digital marketing agency in the Netherlands is the multilingual population. Due to its widespread usage, English facilitates communication with both local and international customers. This language diversity gives your business the chance to serve a wider range of customers.

    Requirements for Starting a Digital Marketing Company in the Netherlands

    1. Legal Structure and Registration

    Setting up your company’s legal framework is essential before venturing into the fascinating world of digital marketing. A private limited company (BV) or a branch office are the most popular structures for international business owners. It is required to register with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KvK), and to properly traverse the intricacies of Dutch business legislation, legal advice is highly recommended.

    2. Business Plan

    A comprehensive business plan is a prerequisite for each successful business venture. Give a brief overview of the goals, target audience, marketing plans, and projected financials of your business. In addition to providing direction for your company, a well-thought-out plan will be essential in obtaining capital if required.

    3. Financial Requirements

    Ensuring that your company meets the financial requirements is paramount. The Netherlands requires a minimum share capital for BV formation, and having a Dutch bank account is essential. Financial stability is a key factor in gaining trust from clients and establishing credibility in the competitive digital marketing landscape.

    Steps to Start a Digital Marketing Company in the Netherlands

    Now that we’ve established why the Netherlands is an attractive destination, let’s delve into the practicalities of starting your digital marketing agency in this dynamic market.

    1. Do Extensive Market Research

    Complete market research must be done before venturing into the Dutch business scene. Recognize your target market, assess your competitors, and keep up with local digital marketing trends. Adapting your offerings to the particular requirements of the Dutch market will provide you with a competitive advantage.

    2. Create a Business Plan

    The key to your success is a well-designed business plan. Clearly define your offerings, intended audience, advertising plan, and budget. In addition to providing guidance, a strong business plan will win over possible partners or investors.

    3. Choose a Business Structure

    Choosing the appropriate business structure in the Netherlands is essential. Common organizational forms in the Netherlands include partnerships, sole proprietorships, private limited companies (BV), and public limited companies (NV). Make an informed decision because every structure has effects on taxes, liabilities, and administrative obligations.

    4. Register Your Company

    Once you’ve decided on the business structure, you must register your business with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel or KvK). This is a mandatory step and will provide you with a unique Chamber of Commerce number, essential for conducting business in the Netherlands.

    5. Obtain a Business Bank Account

    Establish a company bank account with a Dutch bank to ease financial transactions. This is a requirement for conducting business in the country and will help you manage your finances more successfully.

    6. Fulfill Tax Obligations

    Understand and fulfill your tax obligations. The Netherlands has a transparent and relatively straightforward tax system, but it’s crucial to comply with all local tax regulations. 

    7. Acquire Necessary Licenses and Permits

    Check if your digital marketing business requires specific licenses or permits. While the digital marketing industry may not have stringent licensing requirements, it’s essential to be aware of and adhere to any relevant regulations.

    Documents Required for Registering Your Digital Marketing Company

    1. Proof of Identity and Residency: As a foreign entrepreneur, you’ll need to provide proof of identity and residency. These usually consist of a current passport, identification showing proof of address, and occasionally a residency permit.
    2. Business Plan and Financial Statements: Send in a thorough business plan that outlines the objectives and tactics of your organization. Include financial statements as well, which will show that you are ready financially to run a digital marketing agency.
    3. Articles of Association: For a BV formation, you’ll need to draft and submit Articles of Association. These documents outline the internal regulations of your company and are a legal requirement for registration.

    Costs Associated with Starting a Digital Marketing Company in the Netherlands

    1. Registration Fees

    There are costs involved with registering your company with the Chamber of Commerce. These costs, which change according to the legal structure, can be paid online when registering.

    2. Minimum Share Capital

    For a BV formation, a minimum share capital is needed. This amount is deposited into a Dutch bank account and is an essential part of the registration process.

    3. Legal and Consultancy Fees

    Engaging legal and consultancy services is advisable to navigate the intricacies of Dutch business law. While this incurs additional costs, it ensures compliance and reduces the likelihood of future legal problems.

    OnDemand International: Your Business Expansion Partner in the Netherlands

    Navigating the complexities of starting a business in a new country can be challenging, but with the right support, it becomes a smoother process. OnDemand International stands out as a reliable partner for business owners wishing to grow their business in the Netherlands. Their expertise in legal, financial, and logistical matters can be invaluable, ensuring that you meet all regulatory requirements and overcome potential challenges.


    Starting a digital marketing company in the Netherlands opens doors to a dynamic market with immense growth potential. The combination of a tech-savvy population, a stable economy, and a strategic location makes the Netherlands an attractive destination for entrepreneurs. By following the outlined steps, fulfilling requirements, and partnering with OnDemand International, you can position your digital marketing agency for success in this thriving business environment.


    The Netherlands is a great place for digital marketing initiatives that aim to reach both domestic and foreign customers because of its advantageous location, booming digital economy, and multilingual populace.

    The most common business structures for foreign entrepreneurs are a private limited company (BV) or a branch office.

    Financial requirements include a minimum share capital for BV formation and the need for a Dutch bank account. Ensuring financial stability is crucial for gaining credibility in the market.