Benefits of Setting up a Company in Hungary


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    Are you an entrepreneur looking for an ideal location to start or expand your business operations in Europe?

    Look no further than Hungary!

    This central European country offers a favorable business environment, low operating costs, and easy access to the European market. The Hungarian government also provides a range of incentives and support programs to encourage foreign investment and business growth.

    With its stable economy, streamlined administrative procedures, and competitive tax rates, Hungary is a great place to start or expand your business.

    In this article, we will explore in more detail the benefits of setting up a company in Hungary and the steps you need to take to get started.

    List of Benefits of Setting up a Company in Hungary

    The Lowest Corporate Tax In Europe

    The enterprises that operate in Hungary are required to pay a maximum corporate tax rate of 9% after the earnings, regardless of whether they are small enterprises or large multinational companies (MNEs). This is a flat tax that makes it not just an ideal starting point but also a reliable element in expansion and growth.

    To put it in the perspective of this, the 9% rate is not only extremely low, but it’s also the lowest in the European Union, by far. This gives the businesses of Hungary a distinct advantage in the market.

    Easy Company Formation

    The establishment of a firm in Hungary is possible within three days entirely online. You don’t have to be a slave to the time traveling and waiting for hours and then additional hours signing papers, while you can sit at your computer and complete the process at your own pace and not waste time relocating.

    Manage Your Company Remotely

    It is possible to manage your business by managing your business through the internet from your own home, at your office, or out of the country, saving time and offering quicker service than the administration in person. It is also a significant benefit of setting up a company in Hungary.

    EU Membership

    Hungary is a member of the European Union, providing businesses with entry to a market of above 500 million customers. EU membership also provides businesses with access to funding opportunities and business support services.

    Government Support

    The Hungarian government offers a range of incentives and support programs to encourage foreign investment and business growth. These include tax incentives, grants, and subsidies, it is one of the crucial benefits of setting up a company in Hungary.

    Investment Opportunities

    Hungary offers investment opportunities in a range of sectors, including manufacturing, IT, healthcare, tourism, and renewable energy. The nation maintains a competitive benefit in the automotive sector, with several multinational companies already established in the country.


    Hungary offers a wealth of benefits for entrepreneurs looking to start or expand their business operations in Europe. Whether you are a small startup or a large multinational corporation, Hungary has something to offer.

    By taking advantage of the opportunities and resources available in Hungary, you can position your business for growth and success in the European market.

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