Check Trademark Application Status in India: Types of Status with Meaning

In this post, we’re going to discuss how to check trademark application status in India and how you can track the status on the internet.


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    check trademark application status india

    Check Trademark Application Status in India

    Before we move on to the trademark Application status, let’s first look at what a trademark means?

    Trademark can be a symbol, name, phrase, slogan, or phrase that distinguishes one product from all others on the market. A Trademark is a way to recognize the ownership of a country’s brand. It is best to choose a trademark that is simple to remember, explain and remember. India has two types of trademarks.

    To apply for registration of your Trademark To register your trademark, you must make an application for Trademark Application with the Trademark Registry. Once you have submitted all the forms and documents You can view the Trademark Application Status regularly online on the official website. In this post, we’re going to discuss how to check trademark application status in India and how you can track the status on the internet.

    Step 1

    Visit the official site of the government for trademark applications: to register.

    Step 2

    On the left-hand side of the screen, pick the first option, ‘Trade Mark Application/Registered Mark.’ Two options are available there. Click on the National IRDI Number.

    Step 3

    You will need to provide your trademark application numbers. Enter the captcha code. After you’ve filled in all your information, click on ‘View’.

    Additionally, the site will provide you with how your applications are progressing.

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    There are many kinds of trademark status including

    It is essential to understand the significance of each type of status means in relation to the application to determine the best procedure when dealing with an upcoming program.

    1. New Application

    The status “New Application” signifies that the application was recently received and is now being reviewed. This is the first step in the process of applying. In addition, it is yet to be thoroughly reviewed.

    2. Sent to the Vienna Codification

    The Vienna Code Classification is an internationally recognized standard for logos as well as their components. In the same way, the Code is dependent on the character of the logo’s figurative components.

    3. Formalities check pass

    The Trademark Registry accepts all the preliminary or initial documents submitted at the application point in the process of registering the trademark. Also, there is nothing wrong with the documents provided so far.

    4. Check for formalities to fail

    It will be translated as Formalities Check Failure If it’s the case that Trademark Registry detects any flaws or inconsistencies with the documents that were originally submitted in the application submitted from the person who submitted them.

    5. Exams are graded

    If the trademark receives a ‘Formalities Check Pass’ after an initial check the trademark will be sent to a Trademark Examiner, who will look over all documents and the application to ensure it’s complete with all the necessary information.

    6. Objected

    It indicates that an examiner raised concerns regarding the registration of the trademark. Furthermore, the report of examination must be answered within one month of its announcement in this case, and, if not the trademark’s status is changed to Refused.

    7. Refused or abandoned

    The examiner will mark the application with the words ‘Refused’ or abandoned’ if he’s not satisfied with the answer on the Examination Report or even after the Cause Hearing. Cause Hearing.

    8. Advertised before being accepted

    In certain circumstances, the status of the trademark will display Advertised before Acceptance. This suggests that the Trademark Registrar isn’t sure about the nature of the trademark.

    9. Adopted and promoted

    The Trademark Registrar is happy with the nature of the trademark at the present and therefore permits it for registration with the Trademark Journal since it is unique enough to be recognized as a trademark.

    10. Opposed

    The general public has three to four months from when the announcement of the trademark and released in the Trademark Journal to reply in the form of trademark opposition. Furthermore, any objection that is filed after the deadline expires will be rejected. In that time, the status is displayed as ‘opposed’

    11. Withdrawn

    The trademark owner may choose to challenge the opposition when the trademark’s status is opposed. In the same way, if the applicant chooses not to engage in the lawsuit and decides to withdraw the trademark application, he/she can decide to withdraw their trademark registration in a voluntary manner. Thus, the status of the trademark will change to ‘Withdrawn.’

    12. Registered

    The Trademarks Registry issues a certificate of registration to the person who applied for his or her trademark application after an application for trademark registration is approved by the “Accepted and Advertised” stage. Then the status on the webpage is changed.

    13. Removed

    The trademark may be removed from the Trademark Journal if it has not been used in the five years following the issue or issuance of the Trademark Registration Certificate, or in the event that the trademark owner fails to renew their trademark registration. “Removed” should be the current status.


    To determine the Trademark status on the internet, you need to know the different kinds of Trademark Application Status as mentioned above, so that interruptions can be handled in a manner that is reasonable. By following the instructions above, you will be able to quickly examine the status of the application online and gain a basic understanding prior to submitting an application for Trademark Registration in India.


    The status of Formalities CHK Pass is generally maintained for 6-8 days. If the mark does not validate, the status changes to “Formalities CHK fail”. This is the time that the applicant must reply to the question raised during the check.

    The Indian Trade Mark Registry website lists the trademark status as “Refused”. This is when the Registrar/Examiner refuses to approve a trademark application after having reviewed or heard the applicant’s responses.

    The trademark applicant can present proof that the mark acquired a distinct character through prior use to overcome a trademark objection.

    After you have filed the trademark registration, The Symbol “TM” can be used in conjunction with your products. once your trademark has been registered, you can use the symbol R.