Class of DSC Required for Trademark Registration in India: Procedure & Advantages


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    class of dsc required for trademark registration

    Class of DSC Required for Trademark Registration

    To file a trademark application online, we have to keep certain documents in our possession. One of these items is the Digital Signature Certificate (DSC). In this article, we will look at various advantages of the use of DSC to apply for trademark registration. Read on to find out what type of DSC is needed to register trademarks.

    What Is a Digital Signature Certificate?

    In the process of incorporating a company, and filling out numerous conformity forms, you will be familiar with the term Digital Signature Certificate or DSC. This Digital Signature Certificate contains an electronically encrypted signature which is secured with a verified key. This particular type of signature is needed for many electronic filings. Simply put, it’s the same as a standard signature, but in an electronic format with additional security and security.

    For trademark filing, someone who has an existing Certificate of Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is able to utilize the same DSC to file an e-filing trademark application and doesn’t need to obtain another one.

    What Is the Use of DSC in Trademark Registration?

    An authentic Digital Signature Certificate is necessary in order to make use of an online file system to file trademarks. The Information Technology (IT) Act of 2000 requires using digital signatures for electronic documents in order to assure their security and authenticity.

    With the electronic filing system, the requirement to obtain the Certificate of Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate has been required. Therefore, anyone either an attorney or agent needs to have a Class 3 DSC prior to proceeding in the process of registering a trademark.

    A trademark application is only able to be filed by a person with an official Class 3 DSC and you should choose this option. In addition, the Class 3 DSC is the most secure degree of security and has a validity of 1-2 years. After this time it is necessary to renew the DSC has to be renewed.

    Benefits of Using a DSC

    • It is very secure due to encryption.
    • The security required for sharing sensitive information online is protected.
    • Since it is verified and non-changeable, it gives greater assurance and security to those who are using the data.

    How to Obtain a Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate

    Digital certificates for signing documents are available from private and public agencies that have been granted a license to issue the same through the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Furthermore, with ODINT Consulting it is possible to obtain a Digital Signature Certificate easily and promptly as our experts handle the majority of the process.

    What Are the Types of DSCs and Which One Should You Choose?

    There are two kinds of DSCs. They are:

    • Class 1 These certifications are granted upon verification that the subscriber’s data in the application is not in conflict with information from a popular consumer database. They’re nothing more than  digital proof of identity and are typically not recognized by government agencies.
    • Class 3 of DSC offers the highest degree of security as the person must appear in front of a Registration Authority (RA) and establish their identity. only then can this DSC become accepted.
    • It is suggested to obtain a class 3 Digital Signature Certificate if you intend to apply for the trademark.
    • In addition to trademark applications Class, 3 DSC also has many uses, including:
    • Tendering A Class 3 DSC is a way to make an application for online tenders as well as electronic auctions and other financial transactions on the internet.
    • Agency Services: In addition, any agent who books tickets for an individual may utilize the class 3 DSC.


    The Government of India that has directed the DSC use intending to secure the online data that is shared by candidates who file the application through the government. The majority of government-owned and government-funded organizations and avenues are benefitting from DSC to allow the filing of applications as quickly as they can.

    If you still have questions or any other questions regarding class DCS. We are Odint Consultancy. We are here to help you in every way.


    Class 2 certificates can be used as well for Trademark Registration.

    Classes 3 DSC IS used for filing electronic documents as well as electronic submissions for auctions and tenders such as e-auctioning, e-bidding trademarks filing, logos filing, and for the Registrar of Corporations filing, VAT returns E-filing, TDS return E-filing, income tax E-filing. Sign with a PDF or word document and many more.

    Because they are high-assurance certificates designed to be used in online-based commerce and will be issued only to individuals in their own (physical) presentation before Certifying Authorities.

    The same digital signature certificate may be used to submit trademark applications.

    A single DSC cannot be used to create several user identifications. Digital signatures are considered to be instruments of integrity and authenticity They can only have the permission of the individual who is the owner of the digital signature. Furthermore it is not advisable to allow anyone else to use the digital signature on their own.