DS01 Form To Strike Off A Company: Definition And Uses

A DS01 form is used to permanently destroy a firm and withdraw its identity from the Company Registration record, effectively removing it from existence.


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    ds01 form to strike off a company in uk

    Overview: DS01 Form To Strike Off A Company In UK

    There are many factors why corporate management would choose to terminate a firm rather than liquidate it. Maybe it was a family-owned business for several generations, but the proprietor now decides to retire, and no one is prepared to take it over. Alternatively, the company may have never functioned. Whichever the cause, the owners can use document DS01 form to propose that it be stricken from the Company Registration record if some terms are fulfilled. The corporation will stop existing officially once it has been shut down.

    Now, what is a ds01 form of UK? This article below will give you a detailed understanding of what is dso1 form, its uses, and other information.

    What Is The DS01 Form?

    A DS01 document is used to permanently destroy a firm and withdraw its identity from the company registration record, effectively removing it from existence. A major percentage of a company’s management must approve this document, and you should handle the firm’s profits before appealing.

    Submitting the DS01 paperwork of the UK to everyone involved in the firm within a week of it being received to the Companies Registry is an important aspect of the company strike off process. Lenders, workers, company pension trustees, investors, dealers, and any executives who did not sign the paperwork are all possible potential buyers.

    Use Of DS01 Form

    The DS01 application is used to terminate a private business willingly. It’s forwarded to Limited Companies, and if it’s approved, it’ll be struck off the company’s registration.

    • It should have been three months since it had traded.
    • In the recently observed months, you should not have altered the company’s identity
    • The company has to be financially sound.
    • There should be no charges brought against the business.

    How to use the ds01 form for striking off your company?

    The steps for striking off your company using UK’s ds01 form are as follows:

    • If registering by mail, a major percentage of executives must fill out the DS01 form and send it to Companies Registry with a check for the relevant cost.
    • The very same charge complies with digital applications, and compensation must be done at the time of submission.
    • If your firm has more than one director, the agreement must be completed by all of them to be admitted.
    • One must give a copy of the DS01 form of UK to any investors, lenders, and workers, as well as any members who did not endorse the document, within a week after submitting it to the Certificate Of incorporation.
    • Following the processing of the DS01, a formal statement describing your desire to shut down your business will be submitted to the Government, requesting any relevant parties to notify Trading Standards of any reasons why your business should not be stricken from the registration.
    • The organization will be withdrawn from the Company Registration record, an equal to or exceeds will be gazetted, and the corporation will simply disappear as a separate legal if no challenges are filed within two months of taking this information. 

    Why would someone object to my strike-off application?

    Anybody can oppose the striking down petition once it has been published. Those who can demonstrate a credible explanation will be allowed to continue; otherwise, your registration will be canceled. The much more probable explanation for a striking down petition being challenged is that the corporation has unresolved lenders who have lodged a lawsuit. 

    The justification for this is that once a corporation is liquidated, it vanishes, making it impossible for debtors to pursue unpaid loans. As a result, it is to your lenders’ greatest advantage for your business to continue operating and on the registration so that they can seek payment. If the strike-off petition is put on hold, you’ll have to either start the whole process or think about going through a legal administration alternatively.

    Dissolving And Liquidating A company


    When a corporation has fulfilled its purpose and would not be restarted, it is destroyed. This commonly occurs when an industry’s CEO quits and when it is determined that the organization is no longer required. The reaction mechanism is completing the proper documentation to cease the organization and notify the administration that it no longer exists for accounting purposes.

    The situations in which a company can dissolve are as follows:

    • Within the last three months, that hasn’t altered its identity.
    • It is not in danger of going bankrupt and therefore has no credit arrangements in place, which are valid and enforceable arrangements that enable the company to suspend its unpaid obligations and reimburse them with potential profits.
    • Over the recent three months, it wouldn’t have bought or acquired any shares.


    The liquidation is the sale of a firm’s profits to settle lenders’ obligations before the organization is shut down, either through obligation or desire. The majority of insolvencies are not voluntary, and they commonly come when a company can no longer achieve profitability and owes obligations to several lenders. They are compelled to close, but they should initially repay their shareholders.

    Director Redundancy

    Whenever it pertains to laying off a governor, as soon as they are classified as a worker, they can be laid off in the same way as any other worker. The application of the recruitment and termination procedure must be the same as if you are declaring any other employee vacant. You’re probably well aware that, if your business closes, any existing workers will be eligible to file a redundancies suit, provided they satisfy certain conditions.

    Procedures For Filing A Redundancy Suit

    To be eligible for chairman redundancy benefits, the board must meet specific conditions. The fastest and most convenient approach to find out if you are qualified for CEO redundancy is to have your situation examined by an impartial professional firm in assisting top executives with their constitutional responsibilities and can provide you with an assessment of your situation.

    Cancellation Of Striking Off Procedure

    There are a plethora of factors behind you wanting to withdraw your striking-off appeal after it has been completed. This could be your decision, but there are a variety of other circumstances why you might be forced to retreat your registration.

    Some of the variety of reasons could be as follows:

    • You can choose to unilaterally end the strike if you want to continue to do business, or you can choose to shut your firm through a statutory economic meltdown.
    • If your firm restarts trade, alters its identity, or engages in some other operation, your striking down registration must be withdrawn unless otherwise required to perform the company’s dissolution. If your business is experiencing alternative dispute resolution procedures, you’ll put a stop to the protest.


    We hope the article above was able to provide a piece of detailed information about what the ds01 form of UK is and the other necessary information with it. But if you still have any more queries contact Odint Consulting, we can go over the advantages and disadvantages of each approach with you and propose the right plan of action for your specific scenario.

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    The information that is included in UK’s ds01 form is as follows:

    • Name of the company
    • The entire identity or title of the company
    • Company’s director’s authority
    • Recommendations about who to approach at Companies Registry if you have any questions.

    The price for dissolving a corporation is Rs 993.06 and must be submitted by postal transfer or check.