Online Trademark Registration in Chennai in 5 steps: Validity & Procedure

Brand names, business names as well as captions, taglines logos, symbols and emblems, and any combination of these are all secured by online trademark registration in Chennai.


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    Online Trademark Registration In Chennai

    Online Trademark Registration in Chennai

    A trademark can be defined as a name or phrase, logo, or blend of all of which differentiates the company’s goods and services from competitors. It is generally used in marketing to improve customer relations and increase the popularity of an item or service.

    A trademark is a holder’s intellectual property and trademark ownership comes from the commercial use of the trademark. Brand names, business names as well as captions, taglines logos, symbols and emblems, and any combination of these are all secured by online trademark registration in Chennai.

    Process of Trademark Registration in Chennai

    • It is essential to be aware that both the goods and services are split into 45 trademark classes for the purpose of being able to use them in the online trademark registration in Chennai’s process. It is crucial to identify the class to which their products/services are placed and submit an application for that specific class.
    • After categorization has been completed the application must be submitted to the Trademark Registry with all required details including the name of the applicant and his permanent address.
    • The trademark application will be checked by the TM register to verify whether it meets the requirements. After Formality Check, Formality Check, the trademark application will be reviewed through the TM Registry.
    • The information about the trademark will then be published in the Trademark Journal once the trademark is approved by the TM Registry. Anyone who is opposed against the online trademark registration in Chennai could submit a ‘Notice of Opposition to the Trade Marks Registry via Form TM-O, within four months of publishing the advertisement along with the fee required.
    • The TM register will then send the certification that demonstrates TM registration to the person who applied for it within four months from the date of publication of advertorial in the publication, provided there are no objections or the trademark owner is able to overcome the objections made.

    The invalidity of online Trademark Registration in Chennai

    A trademark will remain valid for the next 10 years after it has been registered. A trademark certificate may be renewed prior to when expiration and the owner is able to continue to safeguard the trademark from being harmed by third individuals.

    Can an online trademark registration in Chennai protect the company name?

    In accordance with the Companies Act of 2013, the name of a business cannot be confusingly similar or similar to registered brands. This provision can be used to stop a business from using particular names in the near future.

    Thus, a name for a business is not able to be confusingly similar or similar to a trademark. This means that the company can’t be registered as trademarks have already been registered.

    Entrepreneurs can take advantage of this section in the Companies Act, 2013, to protect company names they plan to utilize in the future to promote their business. It is essential that business owners currently sign a trademark under their business name to avoid having similar issues.


    Online Trademark registration in Chennai grants exclusive rights to the owner and differentiates the product from similar products and companies. Trademarks are considered to be an intangible asset for the owner and safeguard the name for a long period of time. Trademarks grant exclusive rights to an owner who utilizes such words as logos, slogans, and slogans. In a competitive market such as India, it is vital that brands are secured and protected. So, not due to pressure but due to the fact that it is essential to get a trademark registered in India.


    A trademark registered by a registered agent is a logo, symbol or word, slogan, or the name of a company. It safeguards your brand and prevents other companies from taking advantage of your intellectual property.

    Trademark applications may be submitted online through or through a trademark lawyer or agent. The trademark registration application should include the following information including the logo or Trademark. Address and name of the trademark’s owner.

    “The goal of the law governing trademarks is to safeguard the rights of people who sell and manufacture goods with distinctive trademarks from infringement by others who pass off their products fraudulently with fake trademarks that resemble the trademarks of producers.

    The trademark owner has the sole rights of identifying by its trademark the products or services that it grants for, as well as the exclusive rights to use the trademark to identify these goods as well as services.