Setting Up a Gym in the Netherlands: Steps & Legal Requirements

Looking to open a gym in the Netherlands? This article will cover the complete procedure and legal requirements for establishing a gym in the Netherlands.


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    set up a gym in the netherlands


    The Netherlands has seen significant growth in the fitness industry over the past decade. There is a sharp rise in demand for gyms and fitness centers as more people become concerned about their health and realize the advantages of regular exercise. This is a fantastic chance for those who want to become entrepreneurs and start their gym in the Netherlands.

    Studying the market and viability

    Doing market research and financial planning before setting up a gym in the Netherlands is the right choice.

    Market Research:

    • Feasibility analysis: Determine your concept’s viability and local demand.
    • Target market: Identify your ideal customers (families, professionals, fitness enthusiasts).
    • Competitor analysis: Research existing gyms, exercise centers, and outdoor options.
    • Marketing strategy: Leverage market insights to stand out and attract your target audience to your own gym.

    Financial Planning:

    • Cost analysis: Calculate initial expenses for equipment, utilities, rent, and marketing before establishing your gym.
    • Revenue projections: Estimate income from memberships, personal training, and additional services.
    • Break-even analysis: Determine how much time will it take for your gym to turn profitable.

    Steps to Set Up Your Gym in the Netherlands

    The next section will provide a step-by-step analysis of setting up a gym in the Netherlands.

    Choosing the right location:

    • Choose a convenient location for your target audience (business districts, residential areas, near offices).
    • Prioritise easy access with good public transportation and parking options.
    • Accessibility and visibility encourage gym membership and regular workouts.

    Competitive Landscape:

    • Moderate competition indicates a healthy market, but avoid oversaturation.
    • Choose a location where you can stand out and offer a unique experience for the people coming to access your gym in the Netherlands.

    Space & Amenities:

    • Ensure enough space for workout areas, equipment, showers, and locker rooms.
    • Consider future growth and potential expansion needs.

    Legal Requirements for Opening a Gym in the Netherlands

    The following permissions and legal needs are required to be fulfilled before setting up your gym in the Netherlands.

    1. Business Registration:

    Register your business with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel).

    2. Legal Structure:

    Choose your business structure (LLC, partnership, sole proprietorship) with legal advice to ensure compliance with tax and company laws.

    3. Environmental Permit:

    Acquire this crucial permit ensuring your gym meets health and safety regulations (ventilation, hygiene, fire safety).

    4. Building Permit:

    Obtain this permit if any structural changes are planned for the gym property.

    Organizing a Business Plan and Getting Funding

    Starting a gym in the Netherlands requires careful planning and securing the necessary permits. Register your business and choose a legal structure with legal guidance. Obtain an environmental permit for health and safety regulations, and a building permit if needed for structural changes.

    A well-written business plan is vital. Define your target market, unique selling points, services, and marketing strategy. Conduct a thorough market analysis and financial projections to attract lenders or investors. Secure funding through crowdfunding, bank loans, angel investors, or personal savings, creating a sound financial plan demonstrating profitability and preparedness for unexpected challenges. Remember, following regulations and having a solid plan are crucial for your gym’s success in the Netherlands.


    Although opening your own gym in the Netherlands may seem like a difficult endeavour, with OnDemand’s assistance it is possible with thorough preparation and execution. Carry out in-depth market research, pick the ideal site, abide by the law, and obtain funding. Create a welcoming and useful gym, employ capable employees, and put good marketing plans into action. Deliver excellent client service and keep an eye on and tweak your gym’s performance all the time. If you work hard enough and get the right support, your dream of owning a successful gym in the Netherlands can become a reality.


    • An environmental permit guarantees standards of ventilation, hygiene, and safety.
    • In order to make structural modifications to the property, a building permit is needed.
    • General safety rules: emergency procedures, equipment upkeep, and fire safety.
    • Liability and potential accidents are covered by insurance.
    • Regulations pertaining to accessibility: Meeting different needs and capacities.

    Adapt your offers to your intended audience! In addition to the standard cardio and strength training equipment, consider more unusual options to make your facility stand out, such as group exercise classes, specialist training rooms (HIIT, yoga), and wellness amenities (massages, saunas). Recall to weigh functionality vs cost and make adjustments in response to member comments.

    An environmental permit ensures cleanliness, fire safety, and ventilation as well as safety and hygiene.

    Required for any structural alterations to the property is a building permit.

    • General Safety: Includes first aid procedures, emergency protocols, and equipment maintenance.
    • Insurance: Liability and injury coverage that is required.
    • Accessibility: Guarantees inclusivity for a range of abilities and needs.