3 Types of Singapore Construction Services Licenses and Permits: Various Classes & Fees

If you’re keen on cashing in on the Singapore Construction Services Licenses and Permits & looking toward starting your construction firm, it is necessary for you to get a few Singapore Construction Services Licenses and permits first.

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Singapore Construction Services

Singapore Construction Services Licenses and Permits

Singapore is recognized for its towering buildings and elegant but functional architectural concepts. Construction has provided a steady stream of income over the last several years in Singapore. Due to the growth of public transportation, business centers homes, and other areas – the demand for construction has seen any signs of slowing soon.

If you’re keen on cashing in on the Singapore Construction Services Licenses and Permits & looking toward starting your construction firm in Singapore, it is necessary for you to get a few Singapore Construction Services Licenses and permits first. Now Let’s see what are they.

Types of Singapore Construction Services Licenses and Permits

There are numerous types of Singapore Construction Services Licenses and Permits, if you are someone who wants to start up his/her own business in the industry of construction then keep reading the article to know the several types.

License for Expert Engineering and Construction service:

The Degreed Engineers Guidelines require all businesses that aim to provide expert engineering support to qualify.

This license applies to but is not restricted to, businesses that provide solutions such as:

  • Transmission lines, pipelines, sewerage, and draining systems are all being built.
  • Heavy machinery renting – leasing availability
  • Development of buildings, comprising renovation and modifications.
  • Windows and woodworking of building finishes.
  • Electromagnetic work, computerized systems, safety systems, pipes, and other physical installations
  • Building major thoroughfares, dams, and other infrastructure

A percentage of the corporate board must be licensed professional engineers in order to implement the license. The head of which must also be trained professionally as a performing specialist. A minimum of SGD 500,000 in paid-up capital is required. 

General Builders License

The license can be split into two distinct classes:-

Class 1

Builders are permitted to perform work on contracts of any amount. A minimum capital investment of SGD 300,000 is needed. The fee for licensing is SGD 1,800.

Class 2

Builders are not permitted to contract on terms of SGD six million or less. A minimum capital investment of SGD 25,000.00 is needed. The cost of licensing is SGD 1,200.

Professional Builders License

Constructors who participate in such types of workouts, as stipulated in the Building and Construction Authority (BCA): 

  • Piling works
  • Stabilization & floor assistance works
  • Site examination task
  • Structural steelwork
  • Precast concrete work
  • Post-tensioning in-situ work

This kind of license requires the Technical Controller of the company is a professional certified engineering professional in structural or civil engineering. The only caveat is that the individual has to have been certified by an entity that is on the list of institutions recognized that is approved by BCA.

The fee for licensing this type of license is SGD 1,500.

These are the conditions required for the Builders’ license.

Elect an Approved Person

A person who has been approved to oversee the building project

Elect a Technical Controller (TC)

The TC will oversee the building. Specialist builders must have either a structural or civil engineering degree from a reputable institution.

Minimum capital paid up (for companies only) 

Class 1 General Builder: >S$300000

Class 2 General Builder or Professional Builder: >S$25000

Fees for licensing (licenses have validity for three years)

Class 1 General Builder: S$1800

Class 2 General Builder: S$1200

Specialist Builder: S$1500

Professional Engineering Services License

Companies that plan to provide professional engineering services should register at the Professional Engineers Board. This license applies but is not restricted to, firms that provide the following types of services:

Construction of buildings – which includes renovations and structural repairs

  • Building finishing, including woodwork and glass
  • Structural installation – which includes electrical work automation and plumbing systems for security and more.
  • The construction of major thoroughfares bridges, thoroughfares, and similar
  • The construction of power lines and gas lines, as well as drainage and sewer systems
  • Construction equipment leasing rental equipment
  • Similar activities

To be eligible for the license, the majority of the directors of the company must be certified professional engineers. The director of the board must also be an engaged engineer and possess a valid license. The company must also possess an equity capital that is paid up that is at a minimum of SGD 500 000.

Apart from being bound by the Articles of Association stating where directors’ names are listed as engineers as well as the capital that has been paid up the business must acquire a professional Liability assurance policy. The proof of the policy must include the policy number.

This Professional Engineering Services License is valid for one year. It is required to renew at least two months before expiry. The application fee is SGD 300. Also, you can make an application for the licenses through eBACS.

Different kinds of licenses could also apply to your construction company, however, they are more specific to each type of business you might require to participate in. 

Examples of these specific permits are:

  • License to Operate Scheduled Premises

This applies to firms that are operations could cause serious pollution of the environment or involve hazardous waste. The authority is the National Environment Authority.

  • Authorize for Road Occupation Management
  • Telecommunications Wiring Contractor’s License

Procedure To Get Singapore Construction Services Licenses and Permits

Any organization must function under the terms of a valid license. A license is a document that protects a company from all legal concerns and grants it permission to function under specific circumstances. A license, while providing the right to operate a corporation, also comes with a set of regulations and rules of ethics that must be strictly adhered to.

The procedure to get Singapore licenses and permits is as follows:

The application submission: 

The implementation must be endorsed by duly corroborated records and required to submit to the township once it has been completed without departing any information that is part of the construction site, the components used, and the different aspects of workers engaged in construction projects. There is also a cost for evaluating the authenticity of the documentation, and the registration then goes through several phases before being authorized by the administration and receiving a no objection letter.

Building design:

A housing plan is a roadmap that outlines the specifics of how the residence will be constructed. It specifies the accurate measurement of brickwork, arches, foundations, drainage systems, and, in certain cases, power cables that are sealed inside the wall surfaces. It is created by a designer with the responsibility for the building’s layout. A home plan provides practically all of the data needed to construct a model of the house using proportional measurements, and can thus be considered as a 2D reproduction of the actual structure being constructed.

You must receive numerous versions of a building layout from an engineer in order to guarantee a building permit. This documentation will be available from an authority. Confirm on the engineer’s signature is being placed on the house version before it is given to you. It governs the housing plan’s validity standards. The building layout should next be presented to the council in this manner. Consider developing an alternative layout of the property or changing the house if you are creating a structure as an expansion.

Additional materials include:

In addition to the permit process, there may be certain extra documentation that must be submitted. These papers cover storm water runoff, electrical connections, hidden timbers, sewage treatment, and architecture, among other things. In addition, the builder must present numerous documents to prove that he is a legal resident in which he is constructing the building. It is necessary to demonstrate corporate citizenship in the case of businesses. This is backed up by photocopies of the passports.

Fees Required For Singapore Construction Services Licenses and Permits

Different types of licenses have different registration costs which are as follows:

  • The application cost for the License of Expert Engineering And construction service is SGD 300. The Professional Engineering Support License is valid for 12 months and must be updated at least two months before its expiration date.
  • The general contractor’s license has two types of categories included in it. For the first category, the fee for the license is SGD 1,800. And for the second category, the fee for the license is SGD 1,200. 
  • The application cost for the specialized builders’ license is SGD 1500. 


Despite the pandemic crisis, the construction sector remains one of Singapore’s economic foundations. Locally and internationally businessmen are drawn to the business by the constant need to construct facilities as well as the necessity to maintain and operate existing structures, roadways, and other structures.

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A special license is granted for a joint-venture consortium, international contractor, or project owner that permits the licensee to participate only in the building of a particular undertaking or project.

Be sure to follow the ‘naming rules Follow the ‘naming rules’ and register your business address with ACRA. Incorporate documents must be submitted, i.e., Articles and Memorandum of Organization Directors’ and shareholder Information, etc.

The most commonly used documents required to be used in Construction Tenders and Contracts include:

  • COID Registration & Letter of Good Standing
  • VAT Registration.
  • B-BBEE Affidavit or BEE Certificate.
  • CIDB (Construction Industry Development Board)
  • NHBRC Registration.
  • MBSA Membership

Republic Act No. 4566 also referred to as the Contractor’s License Law