List of Top Business Cities To Start Your Business In 2023

The article we will provide you with a list of top business cities in 2023, if you are planning to start or expand your own business globally.

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List of top business cities to start your business

Starting a new company has become more and more trendy now than before. Urban areas are the nerve centers of the mid-20th century for business and trade. They spur the economy by introducing fresh concepts, imaginative businesses, and the businessmen who structure the financial system.

If you’re an entrepreneur setting up a business or an established company owner aiming to launch a major challenge then the study is centered on three pieces of information that are from two different areas: start-up finance and revenue.

The article below will provide you with a list of top business cities if you are planning to start your own business.

The top business cities are as follows:

Hong Kong

Hong Kong Top business cities

Hong Kong is the world’s industrial economic giant. Despite widespread conflicts with mainland China and borderline chaos, the city has still been awarded the finest entrepreneur city in the world by the business intelligence portal in its most recent Global Business Cities Ranking list. According to research, it is stated, “Hong Kong to be the world’s seventh-largest port after New York and Rotterdam in respect of cargo transportation.” Hong Kong is a comprehensive global player Organization.

Unsurprisingly, Hong Kong comes out as one of the top business cities, beating countries like Paris and London, in terms of the possibility for a firm to prosper in particular cities. According to an official World Bank report, Hong Kong’s GDP was approximately 382.584 billion dollars in 2023. Hong Kong’s GDP accounts for 0.31% of the worldwide economy.

Initially, the list was headlined through initial countries, with Oslo, Singapore, Amsterdam, and Tokyo rounding out the top cities. Because the United States is a commercial behemoth, its cities did not even enter the list of top cities.

Hong Kong is well-known for currently having the largest concentrations of oligarchs and super-duper personalities worldwide. When it comes to making money, Hong Kong is the mandated economic hub of Asia.

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London is among the most populous city, making it one of the top business cities on earth. Its location on the outskirts of the Atlantic Ocean and Europe makes it pave the path to large segments of the population, making it work with the company sector. London’s gross domestic output was roughly 580 billion British pounds in 2023.

In level of finance and career prospects, London is leaps and bounds ahead being one of the top business cities. It boasts a broader and wider array of the talent pool, greater worldwide interconnections, and is quarters to a multitude of major corporations’ offices. It comes as no surprise that launching a business in London is a fantastic idea. 


Paris Top business cities

Pragmatic resources such as achievement and market advancement, world-class research and technology institutes, and superb networks, persuading numerous business people to establish or open a company in Paris each year. The population is well-educated.

According to recent research, Paris has a working-age workforce varying ages between 25 to 39 years old, with 49% of women and 39.5% of degree holders.

Paris has some of the greatest schools like a business, research, law, and several others. It is a massive economic engine and is the greatest destination for fortune global 500 company offices. Its financial vibrancy is further justified by the predominance of employment, entrepreneurial beginnings, and profitability.

Paris accounts for 33.3% of France’s GDP, which is comparable to that of the Netherlands. It has Europe’s biggest GDP and a market of 500 million European consumers. Being one of the top business cities, it is a great place to set up a business.


Frankfurt Top business cities

ECB and the bank of Germany, the Deutsche Bundesbank, are both located in Frankfurt. It is headquarters to several major enterprises, domestically and internationally banks, and boasts one of the busiest airports in the world. 

In 2014, Frankfurt became the country’s first currency transaction gateway. The Frankfurt Capital Market, also known as the Frankfurter Wertpapierbörse, is one of the finest commodity marketplaces. As of July 2021, it had an enterprise value of $2.65 trillion. The Frankfurt Investment Bank is run by the Deutsche Börse Organization. Frankfurt has 78.6 billion Dollars as Gross Domestic Product. 

Frankfurt is one of the main and most important traffic hubs, therefore, making it one of the top business cities, due to its central location. The main subway station serves as a fundamental transport crossroads, while the Frankfurter Kreuz is Germany’s busiest traffic intersection. 

Frankfurt Main Airport is Europe’s leading freight terminal and one of the greatest and most powerful airports. Frankfurt Main is a significant link in the European logistics network to international terminal activities and the presence of several large international enterprises.

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Netherlands Top business cities

As per the WEF Comprehensive Index, Amsterdam has a type of economy that has a high level of competition and is one of the top business cities all over the globe. According to World Bank figures, Amsterdam GDP (Gross Domestic Product) was valued at 172.57 billion US dollars in 2023.

The nation is young, with a population of only about 17 million individuals, yet it is rich in invention. The country has a lot to offer. Amsterdam is an interesting destination to do trade because of its advantageous position, excellent connectivity, and exceptionally trained and experienced workforce.

The Netherlands is advantageously placed in mainland Europe, with 170 million people within 500 kilometers and 244 million within 1,000 kilometers. This implies that great international economies such as Germany, the United Kingdom, and France are all approachable anywhere within a drive. In addition to the aforementioned connectivity, the Netherlands is a technological leader with the globe’s greatest internet access per capita, allowing businesses to stay linked online or offline.

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Tokyo Top business cities

Tokyo is the Japan’s first gigantic, pulsing, vibrant capital with a population of  37.194 million people, making it more than 50% larger than that of the country’s next global top. The Gross domestic product calculates a town’s capital; the significantly greater the Economic output, the richer and more powerful the metropolitan area.

Osaka is regarded as the wealthiest and most powerful town on the planet in terms of Purchasing power parity. The GDP of Tokyo is $1.52 trillion.

Tokyo’s status as the world’s most populous metropolis is based on more than just its demographics. Its bustling Shibuya community is famous for the city’s main crossroads, a teeming vehicular swarm that moves in all directions at once. Given the enormous size, numerous cosmopolitans, well-traveled onlookers amaze at Tokyo’s efficiency.

Tokyo’s subways are recognized for boarding and alighting with astonishing efficiency, even when they are filled to the gills during peak rush hour commuting periods. Furthermore, the metropolis maintains a good grip on smog, corruption, and many other issues that cover pages such as massive urban surroundings.


Singapore Top business cities

This downtown area exemplifies how wonderful things may come in these little bundles. Singapore is home to several international institutions and is known for its cutting-edge elevated facilities. According to official World Bank data, Singapore’s Economic Output (GDP) was valued at 473.79 billion dollars in 2023.

Singapore’s GDP accounts for 0.30% of the world economy. The government of Singapore is working very hard to make the country increasingly desirable to software firms and self-employed individuals by enacting favorable rules and levies. Facebook and Google have already developed substantial operations worldwide.

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Oslo has been considered one of the leading entrepreneurial centers in the world, as well as the highest expanding metropolis in Europe. As per the Securities commission, the continental Economy grew 2.6% compared to 2017. While a new survey of financial experts predicted a 2.5% increase. Apart from these incredible statistics, Oslo has a pleasant atmosphere, a powerful industry, a functioning democracy, and is becoming progressively active online.

Being one of the top business cities in the world Oslo has come factors to consider before setting up a business in the country, they are as follows:

  • The currency value, given the young population of 5.3 million, is equivalent to that of stronger economies owing to its increased level of prosperity and equally dispersed income.
  • Superior retail and consumption preferences can be viewed as a significant, good influence in the running sector of the economy.
  • Finally, it was voted the friendliest, safest, and wealthiest cultural world with technologically savvy individuals.
  • Oslo is a very premium metropolis around the globe in rented accommodation, groceries, and commuting.
  • Oslo has increased costs of workers, housing costs, and withholding tax as a consequence of expensive affordability.

New York

New York is the location of numerous accelerators & incubators, as well as has numerous resources. For years, New York has been ranked among the best locations in the world to launch a fintech or fashion firm. The city’s tech industry is worth $147 billion. New York City’s growing population and broad economy provide firms access to a variety of clients, markets, and workers. New York City provides a platform for a variety of investors, venture capitalists, and institutions as the global financial centre. New York City also offers a robust entrepreneurial atmosphere and a wealth of services to help new enterprises get off the ground.


Numerous considerations, like the availability of resources, a trained staff, access to funding, and others, influence where you decide to launch your business. It is important to take into account a variety of criteria when picking a site for your business in order for the city to offer your company a favorable ecosystem for businesses to start, grow, and prosper. 

This article has discussed a few of the top business cities in the world according to their location, economy, and size. For any further queries, you can get in touch with our specialists at Odint Consulting.


You should take into account a number of elements such as access to finance, workforce, business location, government support and so on.

Yes, many of the world’s most prosperous cities have a varied population and welcome business owners from other countries. However,certain conditions must be met and visa have to be acquired before establishing a firm.

Some of the world’s most prosperous cities include New York City, London, Oslo, Tokyo , Netherlands, etc.

A thriving business city has access to more skilled workers, more financial options, government support and an infrastructure that is better established, all of which can help enterprises expand and develop faster.