Trademark Mistakes To Avoid: 4 Essential Steps To Consider

Equally crucial is understanding its fundamentals to avoid costly legal disputes over the protection of this type Trademark Mistakes to avoid.


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    Trademark Mistakes To Avoid

    Trademark Mistakes To Avoid

    It is believed intellectual property is an important factor in economic development. A nation that can secure ownership of processes and products for their businesses will enjoy not just a higher income in the domestic market as well as global recognition and increased sales. This is why having ownership over the product’s advertising and identification also known as trademarks, extremely significant.

    Equally crucial is understanding its fundamentals to avoid costly legal disputes over the protection of this type Trademark Mistakes to avoid. This article will discuss some elements related to trademarks that businesses need to know and incorporate into their trademark filing and building

    Trademarks - What, Why, and Till When?

    There are a variety of intellectual rights. an uninitiated person might be confused as to which intellectual property rights be applicable to which type of product. Generatively speaking books, codes digital artworks, paintings and designs are protected by copyrights. Although creativity can be found in creating a logo similar to artwork, or making a catchy slogan, they are not protected by copyrights laws. Copyrights Act.

    A logo could be one tick for Nike or an industry name like Coca-Cola or a word that is understandable, such as Classmate or insignificant, like Cello or a name for a label such as the one being the work of the creator, Sabyasachi or numerals like Forever 21 or even a combination of colours , for example, for example, the white and red in Coca Cola, all qualify to be considered a Trademark Mistakes to avoid. Because a company uses the above in its business dealings, giving an impression that is of a certain quality, law prohibits any other company from using the same symbol and conveys the impression that the products belong to another person.

    Tracing Essentials of a Trademark Through Famous Legal Battles - Trademark Mistakes

    In accordance with the Trademark Act, 1999 a trademark must be a name that is a device, label, brand, heading ticket, signature word letters, names or numeral, packaging, combination of colours or combination of these.

    • It should be of the kind of being visually represented. even though it is a legal requirement according to Indian laws, it is possible to are non-traditional Trademark Mistakes to avoid that take the form of scent marks (of the fragrance of a particular brand) and sounds trademarks (such for Kaun Banega Crorepati’s signature tune, which is featured in the regional distributions from Who Wants to Be a Millionaire or Nokia’s tune). However, the legality of these trademarks being challenged by an Indian court has yet to be determined. However, they do provide distinctiveness that is vital in trademark rights.
    • It should serve the function of distinguishing the products of one manufacturer from those of another. The primary purpose behind the law of trademarks is to allow an individual seller’s products to be distinguished from those of other sellers, and be evaluated from the perspective of the purchaser. PayPal was involved with Indian Corporation PayTM in a trademark dispute due to its usage of blue in its color, and the placement of the letters on the logo of the company in a like manner, but more important is the inclusion of the initial phrase “Pay”.
    • The shape, color combination and packaging are protected as Trademark Mistakes to avoid. Examples include Coca Cola registering its distinctive shape of bottles in a 3D shape which means that all other soft drinks are not able to utilize the same shape as Coca Cola bottles. But, Cadbury lost a legal dispute to protect its distinctive purple wrappers of its famous chocolate.
    • It must be able of indicating the relationship of a group or individual of people to the production of goods or the provision of services. Parle G has acquired distinctiveness in its internationally renowned biscuits. In a legal dispute which took place in 1972 ruled that a wrapper for a different biscuit that had the same color scheme could be considered to be deceitful. To prove this reason, the court put two wrappers side by each other and concluded that it was deceiving for someone who usually deals with one to take the other when it was it was offered to him.

    It is therefore recommended to select distinctive marks at an early stage in the business , to ensure rights that result from prolonged usage. It is also essential to conduct a trademark research to avoid any possible resemblances with a Trademark Mistakes to avoid already registered. These are a few of the frequent trademark mistakes that must be prevented.

    Do Trademarks Need Registration? - Trademark Mistakes

    No and Yes. While the use of a trademark that is registered is preferable since it is useful when trying to resolve legal issues in court even though a trademark might never be registered, the trademark can nevertheless be valid by considering factors like the length of its duration, value consumers place on it, and the reach of its brand. If there is a conflict between two trademarks that are registered and not the decision of the court can be considered to be a sway toward a brand that is older even though it is unregistered.

    However, a Trademark Mistakes to avoid which is registered and continuously used for a prolonged period increases the likelihood of winning a legal fight over trademark infringement. Furthermore, if that the trademark has been registered you can make a claim for violation. For trademarks that are not registered, and is obtained through use and is then brought to court, process is initiated to prevent “passing of”.

    Registered trademarks are also permitted to utilize their (r) symbol. While a trademark that is registered is in effect for a lifetime however, it is required to be renewed each 10 years.



    Making a Trademark Mistakes to avoid application may be time-consuming and complicated needing a professional to fill out and submit your application.

    You can accomplish this yourself by avoiding common mistakes made when filing for trademarks and understanding how to choose the correct trademark class.

    Then the only thing you have to do is fill out the application and pay and wait for trademark approval.


    To register trademarks The government charges an amount of Rs. 9000 per class. Individuals who are a recognized Startup or MSME have to pay the amount of Rs. 4500 per per class to get a trademark registered to the government.

    There is no legal requirement for your business to have an official registered trademark. If you don’t own an officially registered trademark the legal situation is there is no security for the legality of your brand or name. You may not have your own name or brand.

    If a person or company would like to stop their brand from being used by a third-party it is recommended that they register trademark registration. The trademark owner has the sole rights to use it to promote its services or products after it has been registered.

    It is not required to submit a trademark registration application for your company’s name to be able to use trademark rights. However an officially registered trademark could offer better protection to your company’s name while also assisting its growth and expansion.

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