Register an App Development Business in Warsaw: Steps & Requirements

Looking to register an app development business in Warsaw? This guide will cover the complete procedure & requirements. Get expert assistance in setting up your business today with our company formation experts.


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    register an app development business in warsaw


    In the vibrant landscape of modern entrepreneurship, the technology sector stands out as a realm ripe with opportunities. Among the various niches within tech, app development holds a special allure. With the ever-expanding digital ecosystem, Warsaw emerges as a bustling hub for tech enthusiasts and aspiring entrepreneurs alike. 

    In this article, we’ll explore why Warsaw is an ideal location to set up an app development business in Warsaw and provide a comprehensive guide on how to embark on this entrepreneurial journey.

    Reason to Register an App Development Business in Warsaw

    Here’s a compelling look at the factors that make Warsaw an ideal location for your app development business:

    • Robust IT Ecosystem: Warsaw is home to a thriving IT industry that is full with co-working spaces, established IT enterprises, and startups. This promotes chances for knowledge sharing, access to potential clients, and a collaborative atmosphere.
    • Skilled and Affordable Talent Pool: Poland has a well-educated population and places a great focus on STEM education. This translates into a readily available pool of skilled app developers, programmers, and designers at competitive rates compared to Western Europe.
    • Government Support: The Polish government aggressively promotes international investment in the technology industry. This results in grants, favorable tax advantages, and expedited business registration procedures.
    • Cost-Effectiveness: Compared to Western European counterparts, Warsaw offers much lower startup and operational costs for businesses. This enables you to concentrate on expansion and development while maintaining low operating costs.
    • Central European Location: Warsaw’s advantageous location in Central Europe makes it a perfect starting point for servicing customers throughout the continent, providing quick access to a sizable European market.

    Steps to Launching Your App Development Business in Warsaw

    Choose a Business Structure

    Choose the legal structure that will work best for your company. Popular options include a sole proprietorship, a limited liability company (Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością – Sp. z o.o.), or a joint-stock company (Spółka akcyjna – S.A.). Each structure offers varying levels of liability, complexity, and tax implications.

    Register Your Business 

    Following the selection of your company structure, register your company with the National Court Register (Krajowy Rejestr Sądowy – KRS). This procedure can be completed online or through a notary public.

    Obtain Necessary Permits and Licenses

    Based on the nature of your app development activities, you might require additional permits or licenses. 

    Open a Corporate Bank Account 

    Creating a specific business bank account is essential to handling the financial aspects of your organization. Warsaw has a number of banks that focus exclusively on international companies.

    Requirements to Set Up an App Development Business in Warsaw

    • Registered Office: Maintain a registered office address in Warsaw to receive official communications. At OnDemand International, we can assist you in acquiring a virtual office in Warsaw.
    • Firm Registration: Register your firm with the National Court Register (Krajowy Rejestr Sądowy) and obtain a tax identification number (NIP) from the National Revenue Administration (Krajowa Administracja Skarbowa).
    • Share Capital: Depending on the chosen business structure, guarantee adherence to the legally mandated minimum share capital requirements.
    • Bank Account: Create a business bank account in Poland with a trustworthy bank to oversee the money and transactions of your firm.
    • Legal Documentation: Articles of association, shareholder agreements, and any other contracts or agreements that are needed should be prepared and submitted with the other legal documents.

    Business Structures Available to Set Up an App Development Business in Warsaw

    Sole Proprietorship 

    This is the most basic form, perfect for small firms or freelancers. Nonetheless, the proprietor is solely responsible for the debts of the business.

    Limited Liability Company 

    This is the most popular choice for app development businesses. It offers limited liability protection for its shareholders and requires a minimum share capital of PLN 5,000 (approx. EUR 1,100).

    Joint-Stock Company

    For larger companies looking to acquire money through initial public offerings, this intricate structure is appropriate. It needs a minimum share capital of PLN 100,000 (approx. EUR 22,000).

    How to Get Funding for Your App Development Business in Warsaw?

    Funding your app development venture is crucial for success.

    The following are some possible sources of funding in Warsaw:

    • Angel Investors: These affluent people provide share ownership in exchange for investments in promising enterprises. Network with angel investor groups in Warsaw to pitch your app idea and secure funding.
    • Venture Capital (VC) Firms: VC firms invest larger sums of money in high-growth startups with scalable business models.  VC funding can propel your app development business, but be prepared for a rigorous selection process.
    • Business Loans: Several Polish banks offer business loans specifically for startups and SMEs. This option provides access to capital without relinquishing equity but comes with loan repayment obligations and interest rates.
    • Government Grants and Incentives: The Polish government provides IT startups with a range of grants and tax breaks. If the goals of the available programs match your app development project, research them and submit an application.
    • Crowdfunding Platforms: Through websites such as Kickstarter and Seed&Crowd, you can raise money from a sizable number of online investors. This democratizes fundraising but requires a compelling campaign and marketing strategy.


    Starting an app development company in Warsaw has a multitude of chances for business owners looking to take advantage of the rapidly expanding tech sector in Poland and beyond. In the cutthroat field of mobile app development, Warsaw offers the perfect atmosphere for innovation, expansion, and success thanks to its strong ecosystem, knowledgeable staff, and advantageous location. You may create the foundation for a successful app development business in the centre of Europe by adhering to the instructions provided in this tutorial and making the most of the resources available.

    For business owners wishing to establish a foothold in Warsaw, Poland, OnDemand International specializes in offering all-encompassing business solutions. Our comprehensive support encompasses everything from bank account opening assistance and virtual office services to company registration and legal compliance. This allows us to expedite the setup process and boost your company’s growth. Get in touch with us right now to learn more about our services and to start the process of setting up your Warsaw app development business.


    Yes, Warsaw’s booming tech scene, reservoir of highly qualified talent, and friendly business climate make it a desirable place for app development companies.

    The primary legal prerequisites for operating a business include registering it, getting a tax identification number, meeting any applicable minimum share capital requirements, and completing any other regulatory processes.

    The Polish corporate tax rate is 19%.  However, specific tax deductions and benefits for startups might be applicable.