Company Formation in Manitoba

This article is about Company Formation in Manitoba. Manitoba is one of the province in Canada suitable for Company Setup. Read the complete to know more.


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    Company Formation in Manitoba

    In Canada, Company Formation in Manitoba is a well-regulated and simple procedure that enables entrepreneurs and enterprises to create legal organizations to execute diverse economic operations. Manitoba, situated in the heart of Canada, provides a stable and business-friendly climate, making it an appealing location for domestic and foreign businesses alike. In this article, we will cover the procedure, benefits, taxation, and Eligibility Criteria of Company registration in Manitoba. Read the complete article for more.

    Procedure for Company Formation in Manitoba

    Here is the procedure for company registration in Manitoba is as follow:

    Selecting a Business Structure

    Decide regarding the specific form of business structure that you intend to develop. The prevalent organizational structures encompass single proprietorship, partnership, corporation, and cooperative. The selection is contingent upon the specific objectives and requirements of your enterprise.

    Selecting a Business Name

    Choose an exclusive and conspicuous appellation for your enterprise. It is imperative to ensure that the activities undertaken adhere to the established norms and regulations set forth by the Companies Office of Manitoba. One can search for pre-existing business names on the official website of the Companies Office.

    Business Strategy and Funding

    Create a complete business plan that details the goals, budget, and operational plan of your organization. Obtain the essential business financing, whether through personal savings, loans, or investors.

    Tax Registration

    You can obtain a Business Number (BN) from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) for use with taxes. You could also need to register for the GST or the HST, two additional taxes, depending on your yearly income.

    Determine the Registered Agent

    A registered agent is necessary if you want to incorporate your firm in Manitoba. This representative will be in charge of receiving official mail from the government and legal documents on your company’s behalf.

    Incorporate Your Company (if appropriate)

    You must incorporate your firm if you decide to run it as a corporation. This requires drafting and filing articles of incorporation with the Manitoba Companies Office. You may also be required to draft corporate bylaws.

    Obtain Authorizations and Licenses

    Depending on the nature and location of your business, municipal, provincial, and federal authorities may require permits and licenses. Verify with the Manitoba government that you have all the required permits.

    Register for Compensation for Workers

    If you want to hire staff, register your firm with the Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba to offer insurance coverage for workplace accidents.

    Register for the Provincial Sales Tax

    If your business intends to sell taxable products or services, you may be required to register for PST with the Manitoba Taxation Division.

    Open a Business Bank Account

    Create a corporate bank account to keep your personal and professional finances separate. This will help you effectively manage your finances and keep accurate records.

    Eligibility Criteria for Company Formation in Manitoba

    To be eligible to establish a company in Manitoba, Canada, the following requirements must be met:

    • Minimum age is eighteen years old.
    • You must be a Canadian resident or a foreign national with a valid work permit or business visa to apply.
    • You must select a distinctive business name that is not in use by another Canadian company.
    • You must have a Canadian business address.
    • You must appoint at least one director, who must be at least 18 years old and not disqualified under the Manitoba Business Corporations Act from serving as a director.

    Advantages of company formation in Manitoba

    The different advantages of starting a company in Manitoba are:

    Limited legal responsibility: When you incorporate your business in Manitoba, you establish a legal entity that is distinct from you. This protects your assets from business liabilities and debts.

    Tax benefits: Manitoba provides businesses with several tax advantages, such as a competitive corporate income tax rate, a research and development tax credit, and a manufacturing investment tax credit.

    Business-friendly environment: The Manitoba business community is robust, and the provincial government is committed to assisting enterprises of all sizes. The province provides a multitude of programs and services to aid in the establishment, growth, and success of enterprises.

    Diverse economic structure: Manitoba’s economy is diversified and heavily reliant on agriculture, manufacturing, and natural resources. This provides several prospects for business growth and success.

    Centrally located: Manitoba’s central location in North America provides convenient access to main transportation routes and markets.

    Taxation in Manitoba

    The list of taxes levied in Manitoba are:

    1. Corporate Income Tax (CIT): In Manitoba, The Corporate Income Tax is charged at the rate of 15%. On the other hand, CIT is charged 10% on small businesses.
    2. Goods and Service Tax (GST): The Goods and Service Tax is charged 5% in Manitoba Province in Canada.
    3. Provincial Sales Tax (PST): The Provincial Sales Tax is 7% in Manitoba. PST is charged on most of the Goods and Services sold in Manitoba.
    4. The Registration Fee for Company formation in Manitoba is $250.


    Manitoba Company Formation provides a plethora of alternatives for entrepreneurs and enterprises wishing to create a significant presence in Canada. Manitoba presents a perfect environment for growth and prosperity due to its powerful economy, supporting government policies, and strategic position. Whether you’re a local or an international investor, the province’s business-friendly environment, competent workforce, and proximity to a variety of markets make it an appealing choice.


    The business tax in Manitoba is 12%.

    It takes 10-12 working days to set up a company in Manitoba.

    It costs around $350 for registration of a limited partnership and $60 for Company Name Registration.