Opening A Bank Account In Saudi Arabia: Procedure & Best Banks Explained

This article will cover the procedure for opening a bank account in Saudi Arabia, along with the required documents and best banks for corporate accounts.

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Saudi Arabia is the fifth-largest nation in Asia, with a population of about 36 million individuals. Its strategic position makes it advantageous for businesses to access global markets. As such numerous individuals and investors enter the Saudi Arabian economy to register their businesses.

opening a bank account in saudi arabia

However, for investors establishing a firm in Saudi Arabia, effective management of business finances is vital to maintain accurate records and track daily transactions efficiently. As such, it is essential to open a corporate bank account in Saudi Arabia. Opening a bank account in Saudi Arabia can provide your company financial protection, access to digital banking services, and access to credit, as well as facilitates global transactions.

Discover the step-by-step procedure for opening a bank account in Saudi Arabia, along with the required documents and best banks for corporate accounts, in our informative article. Gain valuable insights and make informed decisions for your banking needs.

Types of bank accounts in Saudi Arabia

types of banks accounts in saudi arabia

Saudi Arabian banks typically provide the following types of accounts:

Current account

The current account is a fundamental bank account that enables people and organizations to conduct standard banking operations including cash deposits and withdrawals, cheque issuance, cheque payment and collection, and the use of telephone or online banking to pay recurring obligations like utility bills.

Savings accounts

A savings account is made to encourage financial saving while providing interest on the funds deposited into the account. There may frequently be limitations on how many withdrawals are allowed from the account.

Time deposit accounts

People can deposit a certain quantity of funds into a time deposit account for a certain duration of time at an established interest rate. Normally, term deposit accounts have a greater return on investment than savings accounts because the money has been put in for a specified duration of time.

Ladies accounts

In Saudi Arabia, numerous banks offer specific, customized financial services for women through accounts just for them.

Corporate account

Corporate accounts, which are created specifically for corporations, offer crucial financial services for handling business funds. These accounts make it easier to conduct transactions, pay salaries, and conduct banking for business purposes.

Investment accounts

Investment services are provided by numerous Saudi banks.  When you sign an investment contract with a financial institution for a specific amount of time, you may establish an investment account.

Offshore accounts

Ex-pats often establish offshore accounts because it might be the most efficient way to save, invest, and control funds when residing overseas.

Procedure for Opening a Bank Account in Saudi Arabia

Here are the general steps that must be adhered to if you wish to open a corporate bank account in Saudi Arabia:

Select a bank

The first step for opening a bank account in Saudi Arabia entails selecting a bank. While selecting a bank, consider various aspects including credibility, branch locations, account kinds, costs, and customer assistance.

Obtain appropriate documentation

The second step for opening a bank account in Saudi Arabia is to gather the required paperwork, which normally consists of identification papers, certificates of business registration, residential evidence, etc.

Visit the Bank Branch

After collecting the documents, the next step to open a corporate bank account in Saudi Arabia involves visiting the chosen bank’s branch in person during working hours. Request to open a bank account and inform the bank representative of your preferred account type.

Some banks may even allow you to open online bank account in Saudi Arabia.

Fill out the application forms

Complete the account opening application form offered by the institution for opening a bank account in Saudi Arabia. Properly give relevant details, particularly your name, address, and any other particulars pertaining to your bank account.

Submit the documents

Upon completion, submit the application form together with the necessary supporting documentation to the bank officials.

Activating the Account

The bank will verify the documents and application for any errors and their accuracy. If your application is accepted, the bank will give you the required account information, such as the account number and any cards or online banking login credentials that go along with it.

Pay the initial deposit

Pay the opening deposit the bank requires, Depending on the kind of account and bank policy, the requirement for minimum deposit may differ.

Documentation requirements to open a corporate bank account in Saudi Arabia

Here are the typical documentation requirements for opening a bank account in Saudi Arabia:

  • A completed and signed application form
  • Copies of your original passport as well as the biometric information page
  • Copies of the visa page or iqama, which attests to your lawful residency in the Saudi Arabian nation.
  • The NOC certificate is a letter of no objection from your corporation or sponsor. The wages you receive in Saudi Arabia must be specified as a means to demonstrate how much money will be deposited into the bank on a regular basis.
  •  Two to six passport-sized photos in a format that has been preferred by the institution.
  • Article of association of the organization
  • Business registration certificates
  • Business trade license
  • Board of Directors Resolution
  • Share certificates

Best banks to open a corporate bank account in Saudi Arabia

Several prominent organizations in Saudi Arabia provide corporate banking services and are regarded as some of the best for opening a corporate bank account. Although preferences may change depending on particular demands and requirements, the following institutions are well-known for their corporate banking services: 

National Commercial Bank

With a paid-up capital of SAR 30 billion, NCB is one of the country’s oldest banks and has the greatest asset size. They offer a comprehensive variety of corporate banking options, such as current accounts, financing, and trade financing, and they possess a substantial branch network and modern online banking facilities.

Saudi British Bank

The Saudi Arabian government and HSBC have partnered to form SABB, which offers commercial banking services to Saudi Arabian companies. 

Al Rajhi Bank

One of the biggest Islamic institutions in Saudi Arabia is Al Rajhi Bank. Along with credit cards, and personal, and residential loans, it also provides current accounts, private accounts, and ladies’ accounts.

Various banking services available in Saudi Arabia

To meet the various financial requirements of people and enterprises, Saudi Arabia offers a wide variety of financial services.

Some of the services offered by the Saudi Arabian banks are explained below:

  • Credit Cards: Credit cards are issued by banks, enabling users to carry out transactions and obtain credit. The minimum monthly wage for ex-pats to qualify for a credit card is SAR 5,000. Residents can choose from a variety of credit cards that offer benefits such as access to airport lounges, food discounts, and others.
  • Debit Cards: Anyone who conducts banking in Saudi Arabia is immediately qualified for a debit card, just like with institutions in other regions worldwide. You can make transactions at a variety of stores along with additional commercial establishments with this card, in addition to making withdrawals and deposits at ATMs.
  • Online Banking: The majority of banks make it easier for individuals to open online bank account in Saudi Arabia and let clients effortlessly manage their account information, conduct purchases, make payments, transfer money, and view reports via web-based or mobile banking systems.
  • Personal Loans: Saudi Arabian banks provide personal loans to customers for a variety of reasons, including buying a car, remodeling their house, paying for school, or paying for personal needs. Banks have different lending conditions, rates of interest, and methods for repayment.
  • Foreign Exchange Services: For people and companies engaged in global commerce or travel, banks simplify the exchange of currencies and offer foreign exchange facilities.

Different banking ways in Saudi Arabia

different banking ways in saudi arabia

Individuals and corporations may manage their financial activities in Saudi Arabia via a variety of banking channels and methods.

Some of the different banking methods available in Saudi Arabia include:

  • Automated Teller Machines (ATMs): ATMs are relatively accessible and widely dispersed in Saudi Arabia. They enable users to take out cash, check balances on their accounts, and carry out standard transactions whenever they choose.
  • Mobile Banking: Several financial institutions in Saudi Arabia have mobile banking programs that let clients monitor their accounts, send cash, make payments on bills, and complete other banking tasks utilizing their cell phones or tablets.
  • Digital wallets: Saudi Arabia also offers a number of digital wallets, namely Apple Pay, Google Pay, and more.
  • Online Banking: Several banks in Saudi Arabia ahs make it easier for consumers to access their accounts, settle payments, read statements, and carry out a variety of banking tasks via online banking interfaces.


For people and companies looking for dependable and effective financial services, opening a bank account in Saudi Arabia is a wise decision. The developed banking infrastructure of the nation makes it easier for individuals to open online bank account in Saudi Arabia and streamlines the procedure for engaging in banking operations conveniently, securely, and easily. Opening a bank account in Saudi Arabia will make it easier to handle your finances and provide access to services such as Internet banking,  debit cards, and electronic transactions.

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Yes, several banks in Saudi Arabia permit foreigners to establish bank accounts.

Yes, the majority of banks in Saudi Arabia offer mobile applications and online banking services for seamless account administration.

For closing your bank account, you must visit a branch. Usually, you should wait until all of your outstanding dues are cleared. Then request a proof of indebtedness certificate, often known as a no-liability letter, from the bank. This attests to the account’s closure and the payment of all outstanding debts.

In Saudi Arabia, National Commercial Bank, Saudi British Bank, and Al Rajhi Bank are a few of the most suitable banks for starting a bank account. However, you must take into account a number of factors when choosing a bank, such as reputation, branch locations, account types, fees, and customer service, and determine whether the bank you choose meets your needs.

Numerous advantages might result from opening a business bank account in Saudi Arabia, including:

  • Your money is protected against loss and theft in a secure setting provided by Saudi Arabian banks.
  • Financial activities are recorded in a bank account, which may prove helpful for tax reporting, audits, and accounting purposes.
  • With a bank account, you may easily manage your money, and send and receive money using numerous methods including Internet banking, ATMs, etc.