Polish Business Partnership Registration: Liability, Steps & Gains

Polish business partnership registration (Civil Partnership) used to be among the most well-known ways of business operations in Poland in the early nineties.


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    polish business partnership registration

    Polish Business Partnership Registration

    Polish business partnership registration (Civil Partnership) used to be among the most well-known ways of business operations in Poland in the early nineties. 

    In the wake of the adoption of the Polish Company Code (Commercial Companies Code of 1997) and the availability of a “competitive” Registered Partnership and Business Partnership has become less popular. 

    They are now mostly used for small commercial or business activities for a short period. This was approved by the Parliament by the requirement that partners transform their business into a Polish business partnership registration after their turnover exceeds 2 million EUR annually.

    This information taught us about Poland and how to start a business and establish a financial vision in Polish territory. We examined how one may create a firm in Poland and make money doing so.

    The absence of a distinct legal personality

    In the case of a business Partnership, the Polish business partnership registration along with your partner in business (or partners) each share the responsibility of your business. 

    You can divide profits from your business among the partners. Each partner pays taxes on their share of profits. 

    Partnerships that are Business partnerships doesn’t possess a legal identity separate from the individuals who are partners (as contrasted to a Polish business partnership registration). 

    This is why it should be viewed as a simple arrangement between 2 or more partners to operate an unimportant business.

    Partnership with foreigners

    EU citizens are permitted to conduct business under this structure in Poland. Non-EU citizens cannot be permitted to register partnership agreements in Poland. 

    The exceptions to this policy are uncommon and could be granted through bilateral agreements between the two countries.

    A foreign entity that has more than one owner and has at least one owner who has unlimited responsibility for the operation of the entity becomes a foreign partnership. 

    Although an entity might be considered a partnership by the laws of another country, it could be treated differently for tax purposes, such as as a corporation.

    Partnership Capital

    In the agreement of association, partners must contribute to the partnership to increase its capital. In terms of capital, the Polish business partnership registration is highly flexible.

    • It does not require minimum capital
    • For each partner’s share of the partnership’s ownership of immovable or moveable properties Other rights or
    • Even service can be considered as an investment in capital.
    • In representation of business, partnership registration is Every member within the Civil Polish business partnership registration is legally authorized to represent it.

    Liability of Partners

    The partners share joint as well as unlimited, joint, and multiple responsibilities for the liability of the partnership.

    The concept of limited liability and a separate legal entity applies to partners. The first partner in this kind of Polish business partnership registration is liable for unlimited damages and the other partners would be liable only to a certain extent. 

    The partners are not liable to the other partners.

    Taxation of partnerships

    As we mentioned earlier, Polish Business Partnership is not a separate legal entity. Therefore, each partner is responsible for personal tax on the portion they share of profits.

    Polish business partnership registration remains popular in small companies because of tax issues. Partnerships pay just PITTA X personal income tax. CIT Tax Corporate Income Tax doesn’t apply to Polish business partnership registration

    Steps to create a Business Partnership

    Establishing a Polish business partnership registration could be accomplished in two easy steps:

    1. Signing and drafting Contract of Association (Polish business partnership registration Agreement) by all partners.
    2. Each partner must be registered at CEiDG (Entrepreneurs Register in Poland)

    If you take these steps you'll receive:

    1. Each partner will be registered with the business registry (CEiDG)
    2. Each partner will receive an identification number (NIP) for tax purposes in addition to being registered as a taxpayer.
    3. The Polish business partnership registration will be issued the tax-exempt identification number (NIP)
    4. The Partnership will receive its REGON number.

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    One of the most sought-after places to establish a business is Poland. The country is ranked 40th in the latest ease of doing business index. The nation’s strategic location also makes it a desirable site for accessing the European Union’s markets. The registration of Polish business partnerships (Civil Partnerships) used to be one of the most popular commercial practices in Poland in the early 1990s. It establishes a strong foundation for cooperation, spells out the obligations of the partners, and ensures openness in commercial dealings.

    If you have any further queries regarding the Polish Business Partnership Registration, you may contact experts from OnDemand International. Our experts will be glad to assist you with your queries.


    In a partnership firm, a minimum number of members is required, and a max of 20 members is permitted.

    Partners, it is required to present a PAN card together with ID and proof of address. It is suggested to draft a Partnership Deed which is to be signed by the entire Partners.

    A partnership company can be established by putting up any sum of money. There is no minimum investment for a partnership as such.

    A Partnership Firm must file income tax returns, regardless of the number of profits or losses realized from the Partners.

    There are some restrictions regarding the transfer of ownership interests within the Partnership firm. The partner cannot transfer his or her ownership interest in the company to anyone without the permission of the other Partners.

    The Partnership deed is a contract between the Partner that outlines the conditions and rules of the Partnership between the Partners.

    The Partnership document lays out the terms and conditions of Partnerships. The Partnership deed governs the rights and obligations of every partner. It is an extremely important document.