Power of Attorney in Poland: Uses & Advantages

A Power of Attorney in Poland is an official document that gives someone else the ability to act on behalf of the principal (the one giving the authorization) as the agent or attorney-in-fact.


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    power of attorney in poland


    In the realm of legal matters, navigating through the intricacies of various jurisdictions can be daunting. One of the most important legal instruments that can be used to handle matters is the Power of Attorney (POA), which allows people to provide someone else the right to act on their behalf. 

    In Poland, understanding the nuances of the Power of Attorney is crucial for both residents and foreign entities seeking to conduct business in Poland.

    What is a Power of Attorney?

    A Power of Attorney is an official document that gives someone else the ability to act on behalf of the principal (the one giving the authorization) as the agent or attorney-in-fact. This authority can range from managing financial affairs and making medical decisions, to handling legal matters. The Power of Attorney in Poland is regulated by the regulations of the Polish Civil Code.

    Types of Power of Attorney in Poland

    • General Power of Attorney: This gives the agent extensive power to represent the principal in a variety of situations.
    • Special Power of Attorney: This grants the agent restricted authority, specifying the scope of actions permissible.
    • Durable Power of Attorney: A durable POA, as opposed to a general or special POA, is still enforceable in the event that the principal is rendered incapable.

    Common Uses of a Power of Attorney in Poland

    A Power of Attorney in Poland proves particularly useful in various situations:

    • Business Incorporation: If you’re a foreign entrepreneur establishing a company in Poland, a PoA allows a trusted representative to handle paperwork, sign documents, and navigate administrative procedures on your behalf.
    • Real Estate Transactions: Do you own real estate in Poland but live somewhere else? A power of attorney (PoA) gives someone you can trust with property-related decisions, such as renting, selling, or managing your investment.
    • Financial Management: Granting a PoA to a trusted individual enables them to manage your bank accounts, pay bills, or make investments in your absence.
    • Legal Representation: Facing legal proceedings in Poland? A PoA empowers a lawyer or legal representative to act on your behalf in court.
    • Personal Matters: In situations where illness or travel restrictions prevent you from handling personal matters, a PoA ensures someone you trust can manage your affairs, such as collecting mail or dealing with utilities.

    Advantages of Using a Power of Attorney in Poland

    There are several advantages to utilizing a PoA in Poland:

    1. Convenience: You can save time and money on travel by managing important chores from a distance.
    2. Peace of Mind: Having someone you can rely on to look out for your interests when you’re not there guarantees that your business will be managed well.
    3. Efficiency: A PoA streamlines processes, particularly when dealing with multiple transactions or ongoing management needs.

    Important Considerations for Using a Power of Attorney in Poland

    Before granting a PoA, it’s crucial to consider the following:

    1. Clearly Defined Scope: Ensure the PoA explicitly outlines the permitted actions and any limitations to avoid misunderstandings.
    2. Revocation: A PoA could be revoked at any moment by the principal, typically by a new notarized document.
    3. Power of Attorney vs. Proxy: While similar, a proxy is typically used for voting rights in a company, whereas a PoA grants broader authority for various actions.


    Comprehending the Power of Attorney in Poland is essential for individuals and businesses seeking to manage affairs efficiently and legally. Whether it’s handling financial matters, making healthcare decisions, or representing interests in legal proceedings, a well-drafted and properly executed POA can provide invaluable assistance. 

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    Yes, absolutely. Any person with legal competence can grant a PoA in Poland, regardless of nationality.

    A certified copy from the notary public who issued the original document can be used.

    A PoA can be valid indefinitely or for a specific timeframe, as defined in the document.

    If the principal is mentally capable of doing so, they may withdraw a power of attorney at any moment. Revocation should be done in writing and communicated to the agent and any relevant parties.