Register A SAAS Company In Rotterdam In 6 Easy Steps

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register a saas company in rotterdam


The vibrant Dutch port city of Rotterdam is well-known for its maritime sector, but it’s also becoming a major centre for innovation and software entrepreneurs. For entrepreneurs wishing to launch and expand their SaaS (Software as a Service) businesses, Rotterdam presents a promising environment due to its advantageous location, business-friendly atmosphere, and helpful infrastructure. 

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the process of registering a SaaS company in Rotterdam, highlighting legal requirements, the right legal structure, registration steps, essential documents, benefits, tax considerations, and more.

Overview of Rotterdam as a Business Hub

Rotterdam, known as the “Gateway to Europe,” has a thriving economy that is fueled by its advantageous position, cutting-edge infrastructure, and varied talent pool. With its status as Europe’s largest port, Rotterdam plays a vital role in logistics and distribution, enabling smooth international trade.

Here’s what makes Rotterdam such an attractive location for SaaS companies:

  • Thriving Tech Scene: Rotterdam boasts a well-established tech sector with numerous incubators, co-working spaces, and venture capitalists eager to support promising startups. This makes it easier to work together, share knowledge, and get financing.
  • Global Connectivity: Europe’s busiest port city, Rotterdam is a major transportation hub with excellent air, sea, and rail connections. This facilitates communication with partners and consumers throughout the continent and beyond.
  • Multilingual Talent Pool: The workforce in Rotterdam is multilingual and well-educated, reflecting the city’s multiculturalism. This provides you with access to a large pool of expertise for the development and operations of your SaaS.
  • Government Supportive: The Dutch government provides startups with favourable tax advantages and aggressively promotes foreign investment. This translates to a setting that is conducive to business and supports the growth of your organization.

Legal Requirements for SaaS Company Registration in Rotterdam

It’s critical to comprehend the legal prerequisites for setting up a SaaS business in Rotterdam before beginning the registration procedure. The Netherlands provides companies with a regulatory framework that is friendly to them, with simple procedures and low bureaucratic barriers. 

Some key legal requirements include:

Business Structure 

Determine the appropriate legal structure for your SaaS company, such as a BV (Besloten Vennootschap) or NV (Naamloze Vennootschap), considering aspects like liability, taxation, and ownership.

Registration Chamber of Commerce

Register your firm with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel) to obtain a unique registration number (KvK-nummer), which is necessary for conducting business activities lawfully.

Articles of Association

The Articles of Association, which describe the goals of the business, the management team, and the rights of shareholders, should be drafted and notarized.

Financial Requirements

Ensure compliance with minimum share capital requirements for BV and NV structures, typically ranging from €0.01 to €18,000.

How to select the most appropriate Legal Structure for Your SaaS Company in Rotterdam?

Making the right legal structure choice is essential to the long-term development and success of your SaaS business. While both BV and NV offer limited liability protection, BV is the preferred choice for startups due to its flexibility, simplicity, and lower incorporation costs. BV allows for easy transfer of shares, making it ideal for attracting investors and scaling operations.

Steps to Register Your SaaS Company in Rotterdam

Registering your SaaS company in Rotterdam involves several steps, outlined below:

Company Name Reservation

Make sure your preferred company name is available and reserve it by contacting the Chamber of Commerce.

Notarize Articles of Association

The Articles of Association should be drafted and notarized by a civil law notary.

Acquire Tax Identification Number (TIN) 

Apply for a Tax Identification Number (TIN) from the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration (Belastingdienst).

Register with the Chamber of Commerce 

Complete the registration process with the Chamber of Commerce, providing the necessary documents and information. Your KvK number will be issued to you upon successful registration, which will be a major turning point in your entrepreneurial path.

Obtain VAT Number

If applicable, enrol for Value Added Tax (VAT) with the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration.

Establish Bank Account

Establish a bank account for your firm with a Dutch bank to facilitate financial transactions.

Documents Required to Register Your SaaS Company in Rotterdam

Having a clear understanding of the documents needed for registration will help you prepare efficiently.

Here’s a breakdown of the essential documents:

  • Company Name: Proof of the unique name you’ve selected for your SaaS company.
  • Articles of Association (AoA): This document outlines the internal governance regulations of your company, including shareholder rights and responsibilities, profit distribution, and management structure.
  • Proof of Identity and Address: Passports or national IDs for all shareholders and directors, along with proof of their residential address (utility bills or bank statements).
  • Business Plan (Optional): While not mandatory, having a strong business plan can be beneficial, particularly if you’re looking for finance or working with partners. It should include a description of the goals, target market, business plan, financial forecasts, and marketing tactics of your organization.
  • Bank Account Details: Proof of your business bank account, containing account number and bank name.

Additional documentation that may be required include:

  • Lease agreement for your office space (if applicable).
  • Proof of Dutch residency permit (if not an EU citizen).
  • Power of attorney (if registering through a legal representative).

Benefits of Registering Your SaaS Company in Rotterdam

Registering your SaaS company in Rotterdam offers a plethora of benefits, including:

Access to Talent

Tap into Rotterdam’s diverse talent pool comprising skilled professionals from various backgrounds, including technology, business, and design.

Strategic Location 

Benefit from Rotterdam’s strategic location at the heart of Europe, with excellent connectivity to major markets and transportation networks.

Business-friendly Environment

Enjoy a supportive business environment characterized by minimal bureaucracy, favourable tax policies, and government incentives for startups.

Networking Opportunities 

Through Rotterdam’s thriving startup environment, connect with like-minded business owners, investors, and industry experts to promote growth and collaboration.

International Appeal

To increase your market reach and draw in clients, partners, and investors from around the world, take advantage of Rotterdam’s reputation and multicultural environment on a worldwide scale.

Tax Considerations for SaaS Companies in Rotterdam

Understanding the tax implications is crucial for SaaS companies operating in Rotterdam.

Some key tax considerations include:

  • Corporate Income Tax: SaaS companies are subject to corporate income tax on their worldwide profits, with a standard rate of 25% for profits up to €200,000.
  • VAT (Value Added Tax): Most SaaS companies in the Netherlands will be subject to VAT, which is currently 21%. If your yearly turnover is more than €20,000, you must register for VAT.
  • Payroll Taxes: Payroll taxes, which include social security contributions, must be withheld and paid by you if you have workers.


Starting a SaaS business in Rotterdam is a great way for business owners to enter the fast-paced world of digital innovation. Rotterdam offers the perfect environment for entrepreneurs to flourish and be successful in the global market because to its advantageous location, friendly business climate, and helpful infrastructure. Aspiring business owners can start down a path to growth and success by being aware of the legal requirements, selecting the best legal structure, and making use of the resources available to them by the city. 

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Indeed, foreign business owners who meet all legal prerequisites and follow the appropriate procedures—including securing any relevant visas or residency permits—can register a SaaS firm in Rotterdam.

In Rotterdam, a BV must have a minimum of €0.01 in share capital, while larger capital contributions might be advised based on the needs and goals of the business.

While Rotterdam offers a favorable tax environment for startups, including competitive corporate income tax rates, there are no specific tax incentives tailored exclusively for SaaS companies. However, entrepreneurs may benefit from various government incentives and subsidies available for innovation and R&D activities.