Representative Office Registration in Poland: Procedure, Requirements & Obligations

This article will briefly discuss representative office registration in Poland. Along with that all the essential details for representative office registration will also be covered in this article.


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    representative office registration in poland

    Are you a foreign investor who is looking to establish a presence in the Polish economy? If you are, then one of the best business structures you can use to enter the Polish economy is by setting up a representative office. A representative office is a type of business that cannot engage in any revenue-generating activities such as selling of products. Such types of businesses can only engage in activities such as marketing and promoting the goods and services of the parent company. Representative office registration in Poland is beneficial for foreign entrepreneurs who are looking to establish their presence in the Polish economy. 

    In this article, we will be covering the steps and requirements for representative office registration in Poland. Read the article and discover how setting up a representative office can help in the expansion of your business in the Polish economy.

    What is a representative office in Poland?

    Representative Office in Poland is an organization with a specific area of operation that could only be promotion and advertising of the business.

    What do you require for representative office registration in Poland?

    1. Prepare an application form for admission in the Polish language;
    2. Apply for an entry into the registry of Representative Office Registration in Poland maintained in the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology;
    3. Create attachments: an excerpt taken from the corporate registry of a foreign company, translated into Polish, and other documents defining the headquarters and rules of Representative Office Registration in Poland;
    4. Prepare documents authorizing the proper people to represent the representative office and the declaration of acceptance of the authorization.
    5. legally binding ownership title on any estate which will be noted on the registry as Representative Office Registration in Poland. it is not necessary in attaching the title to your application.

    The minister in charge of the ministry can refuse to register the Representative Office Registration in Poland on the register if all the conditions are met, or eliminate the representative office from the register in the case there is a violation of Polish law.

    A representative office may be established for a time of 2 years and can be extended by two years if needed.

    Documents for representative office registration in Poland

    Representative Office Registration in Poland is required to be registered on the specific list kept by the Ministry of Economic Affairs.


    An application for admission to the official representative register must be made in the Polish language. It must also include the following information:

    1. Name or Representative Office Registration in Poland, as well as the legal format of the foreign Entrepreneur,
    2. The object of the economic activity of the foreign-based entrepreneur
    3. First name address, last name, and first name within the territory of the Republic of Poland of the person who is authorized to represent an entrepreneur from outside the Representative Office Registration in Poland
    4. The address for the office of the representative in Poland.

    Documents that are required

    If the foreign businessperson conducts business based on an agreement to form or Articles of Association, or other documents, a copy of this document should be included with the application. If the entrepreneur was founded or is operating on the foundation of admission in the register, it is necessary to attach an excerpt of the register.

    Additionally, the registrar will also need a resolution for the formation of the Representative Office Registration in Poland and perhaps a document that confirms the right of the foreign businessman to the premises (e.g. lease) where the registered office is expected to be able to conduct business.

    Any document that is non-in Polish language must be presented along with the certified translation.

    Stamp duty

    The registration at the representative office will be subjected to a stamp duty of 1.000 Polish PLN

    The representative’s office is bound by its obligations

    A foreign businessperson who has opened an official representative of his company is required rrepresentative office registration in Poland is required to:

    • Utilize the name of the foreign entrepreneur, along with the official tradition in Polish of an official version of the name to identify the representative office, and to add the wording ” representative office in Poland”;
    • Separate accounts for each in the Polish language, in line with accounting principles.
    • Inform the Secretary of Economic Affairs about any changes to the facts and legal facts regarding the information included in the application.

    Any violation of any law by an official representative of Polish law could result in the process of the Minister of Foreign Affairs being able to make a ruling concerning the ban on operations on the Polish market.

    Benefits of setting up a representative office in Poland

    Setting up a representative office in Poland provides a range of benefits including:

    • Local presence: Representative office registration in Poland provides a physical presence in Poland, which boosts your reputation and exposure in the community.
    • Market research: Setting up a representative office in Poland allows companies to enter the Polish economy and perform comprehensive market research.
    • Promotion of Parent Company: The representative office serves as the parent company’s marketing division. It can take part in events to increase brand recognition, present goods or services, and cultivate a favourable reputation among the neighbourhood’s business community.


    A Representative Office Registration in Poland can be a great alternative to making the transition to the Polish market. The establishment will function as a representative office in Poland and will be under the direct oversight of a foreign company operating abroad.

    Poland has a huge internal market, and policies that encourage investors to start an enterprise in the country. Special Economic Zones special economic Zones offer a range of incentives to start a business, including tax breaks and access to the latest infrastructure.

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    The representative located in Poland is not a distinct legal entity (as compared to the parent company).

    Yes, the representative located in Poland must submit an annual financial statement to the Polish Companies Register (KRS).

    In theory, but not in actual practice, your representative has the same accounting obligations as an LLC, so it is strongly suggested to employ the services of an accountant to run your Polish branch.

    Yes, representatives located in Poland are taxed according to Polish tax laws.