How to Check Company Name Availability in Singapore?

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    check company name availability in singapore

    Are you planning to start a business in Singapore? One of the first and most crucial steps you’ll need to take is to check if your preferred company name is available. In the bustling economic landscape of Singapore, where new businesses emerge regularly, securing a unique and identifiable company name is vital for your brand’s identity and legal existence. This article will guide you through the process of checking company name availability in Singapore, ensuring you start your business journey on the right foot.

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    Understanding the Importance of a Unique Company Name in Singapore

    Before getting too technical, it’s important to comprehend why having a distinctive company name is important. In Singapore, the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) is the governing body that oversees company registration. ACRA mandates that your company name should not be identical to any existing business, should not infringe upon trademarks, and should not be obscene or vulgar. It also shouldn’t mislead the public by resembling non-commercial entities like government agencies.

    A unique name is not just a regulatory requirement but also a strategic business asset. It distinguishes your business from competitors, builds a brand identity, and facilitates legal protection for your business dealings.

    Step 1: Brainstorming Your Company Name

    Start with brainstorming potential names that reflect your business vision, values, and the services or products you offer. Keep in mind the cultural context and linguistic nuances of Singapore’s diverse populace, which can affect brand perception.

    Step 2: Use ACRA’s BizFile+ Portal for Initial Search

    The first step to check company name availability is to use ACRA’s online filing and information retrieval system, BizFile+. Navigate to the “Business Name Search” feature and enter the name of the company you want to use. This preliminary search will show if there are any immediate matches to existing business names.

    Step 3: Understanding ACRA’s Name Approval Criteria

    ACRA has specific guidelines for approving company names. Ensure that your proposed name:

    • Is not identical or too similar to any existing business entity.
    • Does not infringe on trademarks.
    • Is not reserved by another company.
    • Does not contain prohibited terms that may imply a connection with a government body.

    Step 4: Conduct a Thorough Search

    Beyond BizFile+, conduct a thorough search to ensure your proposed name does not conflict with existing trademarks. This can be done through the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS) database. Remember to consider similar-sounding names, spellings, and potential acronyms.

    Step 5: Application and Reservation

    Once a name has been identified as available, you can apply to reserve it using BizFile+. If approved, the name will be reserved for you for 120 days, during which you must incorporate your company.

    Step 6: Prepare for Alternatives

    Sometimes, despite careful research, ACRA may reject a name application due to new registrations or overlooked similarities. It’s prudent to have a list of alternative names ready to avoid delays in your registration process.


    Checking if a company name is available in Singapore may seem like a daunting task, but it’s a process made simpler by ACRA’s streamlined systems. The secret is to have patience thoroughness, and creativity. Your business name is more than just a designation; it’s the first chapter of your business story. So, take the time to choose a name that not only complies with ACRA’s regulations but also resonates with your business ethos and ambitions.

    Remember to keep your name distinctive, future-proof, and reflective of the business you are building in Singapore’s dynamic market. With these steps, you can navigate the process of checking your company name availability with confidence and ease, laying the foundational stone of your corporate identity in the heart of Asia’s economic hub.


    The initial check through the BizFile+ portal is instantaneous. However, the entire process, including searching other databases and preparing alternatives, can take several days.

    The initial search on BizFile+ is free, but reserving a name comes with a small fee upon application.

     Yes, if your name application is successful, ACRA allows you to reserve the name for 120 days without registering the company.

    If you don't incorporate your company within this period, the name reservation will lapse, and the name will open for reservation by other people.

    Yes, if your application is rejected, you can submit an appeal to ACRA by providing additional justification or modifying your company name.