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Company Acquisitions

Seeking opportunities to pave your way in international markets on a strong foot? Acquisitions are a great way! ODINT has a team of experts with experience in the Middle East, Europe, and India. We help businesses make informed acquisition decisions with outcomes that are beneficial to your business and the employees of the acquired company.

Deal Structuring and Negotiations

Deal negotiating and structuring is a time-consuming process that involves carrying out a lot of consequences necessary for the negotiation process. ODINT offers expertise in methods of payment, the timing of payments, tax treatment, etc

Drafting and vetting legal agreements

When establishing a business in a new country, understanding the law, rights, liabilities, and scope can be difficult. This is where ODINT can be a partner and cover all bases with your legal requirements. Over the years, we have helped several companies register a business internationally and execute transactions

International licensing agreements

Whether you are a small business trying to establish a presence in international markets or a large corporation trying to establish subsidiaries internationally, you will need to draft an international licensing agreement. ODINT’s dedicated team support with experience across various international markets can help you plan and draft international licensing agreements tailored to your needs

Intellectual Property & Trademark protections

In today’s times, the intellectual property (IP) of a company is more valuable than its physical assets. IP usually includes patents, trademarks, trade secrets, employee know-how, etc. ODINT works closely with the Chief Security Officer (CSO) and Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), the Chief Risk Officer (CRO) to boost the protection of your intellectual property

Deal Due Diligence

Before entering into a deal or a contract, it is prudent to conduct due diligence to verify all the facts and financial information. This includes investigating, verifying, and auditing information associated with the deal. With ODINT, we ensure that comprehensive due diligence is conducted before the deal is closed so that you can be assured of all the details before signing the dotted line

Local government policy assistance

Every country has unique federal, state, and local laws. Sometimes, these can act as barriers to setting up or expanding business in the country. ODINT works as your partner and takes care of all the red tape, permits, tax payments, and employee certifications so that your business complies with all the applicable laws

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