Open an Asset Management Company In Poland From India: Procedure & Benefits

Want to start an asset management company in Poland from India? This guide will cover the procedure, requirements and benefits of starting your business.


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    open an asset management company in poland from india


    In the ever-changing world of international business, branching out into new markets can be a calculated step toward expansion and diversity. For Indian entrepreneurs eyeing the vibrant economy of Poland, establishing an asset management company presents a promising opportunity. 

    This guide will walk you through the process of starting an asset management company in Poland from India, covering legal requirements, business structures, registration procedures, and the benefits of venturing into the Polish market.

    Business Structures Available for Your Company in Poland

    There are various company structures available to asset management businesses under Polish legislation. Your unique requirements and operating objectives will determine which one is best for you.

    The two most popular options are as follows:

    Limited Liability Company (Sp. z o.o.)

    This is the most popular choice for international investors due to its:

    • Limited Liability: Stockholders’ liability is limited to their investment.
    • Flexible Management: The company can be managed by a sole director or a board of directors.
    • Minimum Share Capital: The minimum share capital for an LLC in Poland is PLN 5,000 (approx. EUR 1,100).

    Joint Stock Company (S.A.) 

    This structure serves businesses looking to raise money through initial public offerings.

    It’s characterized by:

    • Greater Share Capital: A minimum of PLN 100,000 (about EUR 22,000) is required for shares.
    • Supervisory and Management Boards: The organization needs both a supervisory and a management board.
    • Greater Complexity: The administrative processes associated with S.A.s are more intricate.

    Process for Starting an Asset Management Company in Poland from India

    Setting up your Polish asset management company involves several steps:

    Company Name Reservation

    Reserve your desired company name with the National Court Register (KRS).

    Select an Organizational Structure

    Select a suitable business structure by taking into account both legal requirements and your business goals.

    Prepare Articles of Association

    The articles of association in Poland document outlines the organization’s structure, management, and goals.

    Register Your Company

    File the necessary documents with the Polish authorities.

    Set up a Corporate Bank Account 

    Deposit the minimum share capital into a Polish bank account.

    Documentation Needed for Registering an Asset Management Company in Poland from India

    In order to register your Polish asset management firm, the following paperwork must be submitted:

    1. Properly filled out application forms
    2. Articles of Association
    3. Proof of director’s identity and residence
    4. Proof of the business address
    5. Bank statement reflecting the minimum share capital deposit
    6. Power of attorney (if applicable)

    Requirements for Registering an Asset Management Company in Poland from India:

    To register your asset management company in Poland from India, you’ll need to fulfil the following requirements:

    1. Legal Entity: Your business must be an LLC or JSC, or another type of entity recognized by Polish law.
    2. Registered Office: Maintain a registered office address in Poland, where formal letters should be sent.
    3. Share Capital: For LLCs, a minimum share capital of PLN 5,000 is required, while JSCs must have a minimum share capital of PLN 100,000.
    4. Directorship: Designate a minimum of one director to oversee the company’s operations and act as its legal representative.

    Benefits of Starting an Asset Management Company in Poland

    Launching an asset management company in Poland offers a plethora of benefits, including:

    • Strategic Location: Poland’s location at the intersection of Europe makes it an ideal entry point into the rich European market, which has over 500 million consumers.
    • Stable Economy: Poland provides investors with stability and growth prospects due to its strong GDP growth and business-friendly atmosphere.
    • Skilled Workforce: Benefit from a highly educated and skilled workforce, with proficiency in multiple languages and expertise in finance and technology.
    • EU Membership: Poland’s adherence to EU norms and standards as a member of the EU enhances credibility and facilitates cross-border operations.
    • Government Incentives: Take advantage of various government incentives and support programs aimed at attracting foreign investment and fostering economic development.


    Establishing an asset management business and entering the Polish market offers profitable growth and expansion prospects. At OnDemand International, we specialize in assisting foreign investors and business owners with the seamless incorporation of their enterprises in Poland. You may successfully negotiate the hurdles of company creation and start your journey toward success with our experience and individualized guidance. Get in touch with us right now for a simple business incorporation procedure and let’s turn your vision into reality.


    It is possible to establish a Polish asset management firm from India as long as you adhere to the legal criteria and meet all regulatory standards.

    Market research, legal compliance, company registration, acquiring required licenses, opening a bank account, and hiring personnel are among the crucial actions.

    Advantages include EU membership, a trained workforce, a stable economy, a strategic position, and government incentives designed to promote economic progress.