Bank holidays in the Netherlands 2023

Here in this article, we have created a list of Bank Holidays In Netherlands in 2023, and also explained the National Holidays of Netherlands.

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bank holidays in netherlands

Overview: Bank Holidays In Netherlands 2023

Every nation’s calendar must include bank holidays since they give citizens well-earned vacations from their normal schedules. Bank holidays have a rich cultural and historical context in the Netherlands. It’s crucial to recognize the dates of the Netherlands’ public holidays, whether you live in the country or are simply visiting because many companies close on these days. Over the years, there have been festivals and holidays of cultural, holy, or ancient significance in the Netherlands — but a question always arises! When should you conventionally celebrate? Don’t stress; we’ve prepared the complete guide to all national public festivities in the Netherlands 2023.

So, prepare yourselves to mark down some of these 2023 bank holidays in the Netherlands somewhere in your memos or calendar — you surely don’t want to avoid the most alleged King’s Day in the Netherlands.

In this article, we will be going to discuss in brief about the numerous bank holidays in the Netherlands. So, without any further ado, let’s begin with it. 

Public holidays in the Netherlands in 2023

If you’re already getting restless for holidays or you are desperate to find out when you will ever receive a vacation from your beloved job; we’ve analyzed a list of 2023 bank holidays in Netherlands. Take it easy, have a seat, polish up your ink, and pull out your timetable.

Dutch public holidays explained

Several prominent national bank holidays in Netherlands, although some holidays differ by location. For example, in Catholic areas, in February and March, there are various regional versions of the Dutch carnival. King’s Day is, however, absolutely the most substantial of all Dutch bank holidays for all Dutch nationals- and many visiting celebrants.

It’s worth citing that if a Dutch holiday takes place on a Sunday or Saturday, it’s not usually repositioned to a weekday.

Bank Holidays in Netherlands-2023

1st Jan Sunday Nieuwjaarsdag (New Year’s Day)
7th Apr Friday Goede vrijdag (Good Friday)
9th Apr Sunday Easter Sunday
10th Apr Monday Easter Monday
27th Apr Thursday Koningsdag (King’s Day)
5th May Friday Bevrijdingsdag (Liberation Day)
18th May Thursday Hemelvaartsdag (Ascension Day)
28th & 29th May Sunday & Monday Eerste en tweede pinksterdag (Whit Sunday and Whit Monday)
25th Dec Monday Christmas Day
26th Dec Tuesday Boxing Day

The Netherlands' school holidays

Autonomous schools choose their primary, secondary, and special education dates.

When it comes to school vacations in the Netherlands, it’s crucial to note that they’re separated into three areas-Middle, South-North, so the entire country doesn’t go on vacation simultaneously.

Is Good Friday observed as a national holiday?

For Easter festivities, the Dutch have a complete weekend off. Good Friday, observed the day before Easter, is a nationwide holiday; however, some people may yet be needed to operate depending on their employment. Nonetheless, all municipal and government headquarters are shut.  Either natural or fake hard-boiled eggs, loaded with or made of chocolate candy, of varying sizes, are concealed in various locations for children to uncover. Egg tapping competitions can also use real eggs. This holiday is a big treat, especially for children.

If you want to attend an Easter liturgy, you may find more information at your local church.

King's Day

‘Koninginnedag’ (‘Queen’s day’) used to be another traditional Dutch feast. This was done to commemorate the Queen’s birthday, April 30. Given that the Netherlands has had a king since April 2013, Queen’s Day has been renamed ‘Koningsdag’ (‘King’s Day) and is celebrated on April 27 except if the date falls on a Sunday, in which case it is observed on the prior Saturday. Traditional jumble sales or free markets are held in the streets of various city centers. Those places prepare a particular program, exhibiting local folklore.

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Bank holidays, usually referred to as public holidays, are days set aside when most establishments are closed so that individuals can take time off work, enjoy their leisure time, and celebrate. In addition to giving people the chance to spend time with their loved ones and partake in leisure endeavours, several holidays have profound cultural, historical, or religious importance.

So, there you have it, the list of prestigious 2023 bank holidays in the Netherlands. These holidays are important, as they remind us of our culture and community. So make sure you fully utilize the bliss and paradise offered by the holidays.

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The King’s Birthday, which falls on April 27 of each year, is the only recognized public holiday in the Netherlands.

In The Netherlands, 13th-month pay is not required. However, it is regarded as typical compensation for Dutch businesses, which means that employees in the Dutch economy anticipate it every year.

For each year of employment, there is a statutory minimum holiday entitlement of 20 days, which is equal to four times the weekly agreed-upon working hours.

King’s Day is one of the most widely observed holidays in the Netherlands. On King’s Day, the entire populace participates in commemorating Willem Alexander’s birthday

At the conclusion of work, unused vacation days are reimbursed in accordance with the Dutch Civil Code. When an employee leaves their job, any unused vacation time will be taken out of their pay or final payment.