6 Benefits Of Setting Up An IT Company In Warsaw

In this article, we delve into the top 6 benefits of setting up an IT company in Warsaw, Poland. Register your IT company in Warsaw with the help of our company formation experts today.


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    benefits of setting up an it company in warsaw


    In the dynamic landscape of the Information Technology (IT) industry, location plays a pivotal role in determining the success and growth potential of a company. Warsaw stands out as a top choice when deciding where to locate your IT company since it provides a wealth of advantages and commercial chances. 

    In this article, we delve into the benefits of setting up an IT company in Warsaw, Poland, and explore how this vibrant city can fuel your business ambitions.

    What are the various benefits of setting up an IT company in Warsaw?

    Here are the benefits of setting up an IT company in Warsaw:

    1. Flourishing Tech Hub:

    Warsaw has rapidly transformed into a thriving tech hub in Central and Eastern Europe. Recognizing the city’s enormous potential, major global IT corporations like Google, Microsoft, and IBM have made a significant presence there. This dynamic ecosystem makes it easier for your IT business to grow by encouraging cooperation, knowledge exchange, and access to a multitude of resources.

    2. Highly educated workforce

    Poland has a workforce that is highly educated and talented, with a specialization in information technology. A constant flow of gifted graduates in computer science, engineering, and other tech-related disciplines comes from universities around the nation. Much of this talent pool resides in Warsaw itself, giving you access to a workforce that is readily available and has the technological know-how your business requires.

    3. Competitive Advantages:

    Creating an IT business in Warsaw has a number of financial benefits. When compared to Western Europe, Poland’s labour costs are competitive, enabling you to maximize your operating budget. Furthermore, the Polish government generously provides subsidies and tax breaks to the IT sector. The 19% flat corporate tax rate makes starting your IT business in Warsaw even more financially appealing.

    4. Gateway to Europe:

    Warsaw is ideally situated to access a sizable European market because to its advantageous Central European position. Excellent transportation infrastructure, including a major international airport and a well-developed network of highways, allows for seamless connectivity across the continent. This strategic positioning can significantly boost your company’s potential for growth and expansion.

    5. Business-Friendly Environment:

    The Polish government has implemented policies that streamline the process of setting up a business, making it easier for foreign investors to establish themselves in the country. The regulatory environment is clear and stable, building a dependable and secure environment for your IT business.

    6. Vibrant Culture:

    Warsaw is a city with a vibrant lifestyle and a rich cultural history in addition to being a commercial center. Warsaw offers a dynamic environment that draws and keeps great talent, from world-class museums and historical sites to thriving music and art communities. Warsaw is a desirable location for you and your staff due to its excellent quality of life and affordable cost of living.

    How can we assist you?

    The process of setting up an IT company in a new country can seem daunting. OnDemand International can simplify this process and ensure a smooth entry into the Polish market.

    Our experienced team can assist you with:

    1. Company registration:

    We will assist you with all of the documentation and legal requirements associated with setting up your IT business in Warsaw.

    2. Virtual office solutions:

    OnDemand International can provide a virtual office address, giving your company a prestigious presence in Warsaw without the overhead costs of a physical office.


    The decision to establish an IT company in Warsaw is not merely a strategic move;it serves as a doorway to a world of possibilities. From its strategic location and thriving IT ecosystem to its abundant tech talent and supportive business environment, Warsaw offers everything you need to turn your entrepreneurial vision into reality. With the assistance of OnDemand International, realizing your business ambitions in Warsaw has never been easier. In one of Europe’s most vibrant cities, embrace the opportunities, realize your potential, and set out on a life-changing adventure. Contact us today to register your business in Warsaw, Poland.


    Poland is a desirable destination from a tax standpoint because it has a flat corporation tax rate of 19%. Furthermore, the government offers subsidies and tax breaks tailored especially for the IT industry.

    Indeed, Warsaw has a highly educated and talented labour population that places a heavy focus on IT. Universities in Poland produce a steady stream of talented graduates, while the presence of established IT companies further contributes to the talent pool.

    Warsaw is ideally situated to access a wide range of European markets due to its central European location. Excellent transportation infrastructure ensures seamless connectivity across the continent.