E-Channel UAE in 2024-25: Benefits, Registration & Fees Explained

The E Channel UAE is available online. All the required data you need for VISA application, immigration, etc. are all provided to you in one place. Benefits, Registration & Fees Structure is explained in this article.


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    Overview: E-Channel System In UAE in 2024-25

    It is the era of smart system usage. Because everything is digitalized and done online, the UAE recently has launched the e-channel approach. You can use e-channels to carry out processes like service applications, naturalization, etc. By using e channel UAE, users can take off from office visits, and broaden their business vision by greatening the business digitization.

    This e-channel UAE can be accessed by users anytime, and from anywhere as it is available online. All the required data you need for VISA application, immigration, etc. are all provided to you in one place. The e-channel UAE is a great move for people who either are citizens, visitors, ex-pats, etc. of UAE. Anyone interested can make their account on this portal and get started. This e-channel system UAE is stable, advanced, efficient, and is frequently modified and checked for improvements and technological updates.

    Benefits Of E-Channel System In UAE

    Making everything digitalized is what the future holds. In support of that, e-channel UAE was made. Making an online portal has proven to act to the benefit of users, and now let’s learn, how? Below are mentioned some of the major benefits applicants get from registering in the E-channel system:

    Quicker Process

    People looking for a quick immigration service look for ease and comfort. Making an online portal that would do your work in just a few clicks, was the main aim of the UAE government. So, the e-channel system was made. Using this system you can easily read about and use all kinds of residency, visas, and immigration services.

    First, the UAE 2021 mission was announced, and after that, the Ministry of Interior introduced the world to ‘Smart Services with Future Vision. This assisted the applicants in applying online for all kinds of services in regards to travel permits, employee visas, long-term residency visas, investors visas, and several other kinds of visas.

    The official bodies aim to make online portals a standard way of applying for visas or permissions so that the users get every information under one roof. Not only is this a quick way of performing tasks, but this will also save people’s effort and time. The e-channel UAE acts as an aid for individuals looking for starting a business in UAE.

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    Smooth Operations

    Once the user registers on this e-channel system, he/she can easily receive all the necessary notifications regarding their application on their phone. No need to visit offices or to drop an email to anyone. Just log back into your account and check for the notifications. The digitalization of the system lets users trace their progress from time to time. If you wish to print or save any document related to your application, you can also do that.

    If you are from a corporate firm and need an immigration service, you can also create an account and use the e-channel services. It is now easy for you to apply for your investor or employee visa. This e-channel works smoothly and has made it easy for the companies based in UAE, to apply for immigration services.

    Almost Zero Paperwork

    By getting an online portal for the users, the UAE government has made it easier and reduced the amount of paperwork that was initially needed to apply for visas or immigration services. As everything is done online, you do not need to worry about gathering bundles of paperwork. The site accepts scanned copies of your important documents, that are mandatory from the application prospect.

    The payment is also done digitally through these online portals. The fee or any kind of charges to be paid are also done through these portals only. You no longer have to stand in queues, wait for months, or visit offices to get your work done. For all your payments you will get an e-receipt which will be generated as soon as your payment gets confirmed. Having a receipt with you online gets you assured and gives proof that you have paid the money safely. These e-receipts are made by the system and help you keep a track of all your payments.

    Single System for All

    This e-channel UAE is a progressive system and has been known to make the process of information and data sharing simpler with every passing second. Almost every individual in need of a visa, or an immigration service utilizes this portal. There is a sense of uniformity in all the 6 Emirates. Amongst all the 7 Emirates, only Dubai does not make use of this online channel as it has a separate system to take hold of such operations.

    Reduces the Load on Immigration and Administrative Centres

    The official immigration and administrative bodies of the UAE can now finally relax as the burden has been taken off their shoulders and has been passed to these e-channels. These e-channels UAE have taken the responsibility of managing the tasks, and are doing quite a good job on winning it. Before the e-channels came to light, these centers used to be jam-packed with people queueing up for visas and permits. But now these services are just a click away.

    Promotes Digitalisation

    In this era of the internet, everyone strives to make errands easier. Aiming that, the UAE government created this online channel for users to save their time and effort. Apart from providing comfort to the applicants, the e-channels also promote digitalization. It is the need of the hour and helps cut on a lot of costs as well. Looking at all its benefits, the e-channel system is getting a good response from all 6 out of the 7 Emirates.

    Procedure To Register In An E-Channel UAE

    For the relief of users, the process of registering in an e-channel system in the UAE is easy and can be done by almost anyone. The whole process is safe and does not cause any data breaching. All you have to do is read along and follow the below-mentioned steps carefully.

    Pick a structure of your choice

    Firstly, visit the e-channel portal and get started with your registration process. Now, pick your structure. This means, select if you wish to apply as an individual or from the establishment’s side. It is to be noted that if you are registering for your free zone company, then you can only register using the details of your free zone company. Once done, tap on the “Registration” option visible on your device’s screen.

    Link with mail

    The next step is important and making sure that your data is secured and stays authenticated. Link your business email with your account so that you keep on getting all the important notifications and instructions on your mail. When you are done, go on the “Register” tab to confirm your email. Enter your choice of the email carefully, as all the details of your e-channel registration will be sent on this mail id.

    Give company details

    On the next page, you will get the list of company details that are needed from your end. Crosscheck all the details that you enter before submitting, to avoid any error. The perfect way to create an account on the e-channel is by contacting experts from a consulting firm. We at ODINT Consulting, have a team of experts who ensure that your account is securely created on the e-channel system, and we also guide you with every step. After completing the details section, click on “next” and get on the next page.

    Enter applicant details

    After giving the company details, you will have to give the details of the user. There are set guidelines mentioned on the page, follow them, and enter your details accordingly.

    Get done with registration

    After submitting both, the company and user details, now you just have to click on the “Register” tab. It will then ask for a quick confirmation. Just give the confirmation, and voila! You have completed the e-channel registration process. Check your linked email for a confirmation message to get a final validation on the same.

    Start using the portal

    After getting the ultimate confirmation in your email, you can start accessing your account. Just start putting your application requirements on this e-channel system by tapping on the option of “Start Service”. Give all the data and documents needed, make the payment, and you will successfully place your request. Then you can check your registered email for confirmation.

    UAE E-Channel Fee Structure

    The fee structure for one-time enrolment on the e-channel system follows the following fee structure:

    New Application Request AED 3,300
    Security Deposit AED 5,025
    Electronic Service Fee AED 30
    MOI Fee AED 22
    E-payment Charges AED 98
    Typing Cost AED 750
    Total Fee Needed AED 9,225


    At OnDemand International, we aim to ease out the business formation in Dubai and all over the UAE for our clients. Contact us, and we with our experts will help you in registering on the e-channel system. Our efficient business consultants will assist you through the whole process of portal access. It will help you in getting used to the new interface and prevent any error from your end. So, collaborate with our team today.


    The e-channel enrollment can be completed at a writing center or online at the e-channel webpage. When completing an e-channel application on the internet, you must first choose whether you are a person or an organization. Then enter the details accordingly and confirm your registration.

    If you own a corporation in a free zone, you must utilize the free zone login details.

    Because the majority of the immigrant and visa procedure takes place electronically in the UAE, this system provides numerous advantages to both businesses and individuals. Such as smooth operation, fast process, reduced load on immigration centers, etc.

    The e-channels have improved the efficiency and speed of the visa or permit application procedure for everyone concerned.