Registered Office Address – Definition & Importance Explained

A registered office address of a firm can be defined as the main office to which all the reports related to the firm are sent by the legal departments.


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    Overview: Registered Office Address

    The term Registered office address is a firm’s official address. At this address, all the important notices regarding the firm are delivered. Because the office address is a public record so multiple government authorities and other corporations utilize the same statement to maintain touch with the firm. A registered office address of a firm is selected when a company is getting established. This registered office address can be modified or changed by abiding by the provisions mentioned in the 2013’s Companies Act.

    What Is A Registered Office Address?

    A registered office of a firm can be defined as the main office to which all the reports related to the firm are sent by the legal departments. The firm promoters should issue the company’s registered office during the establishment and handle all the papers there. In this blog, we will help you understand what is the importance of a registered office address for company registration, change in registered office address, and the registered office of an LLP in India.

    Importance Of Registered Office Address For Company Registration

    Considering section 12 of the 2013’s Companies Act, it is defined that a firm should have a registered office and it should be capable of acknowledging and receiving all notices and communications. So, it’s the official need for every company to file a registered office address to the Registrar of Companies in a month of its establishment.

    When a company is getting established, it is necessary to announce the company’s registered office and hand overproof in the form of documents. Usually, these are the documents that should be submitted while filing a registered office of a firm during establishment:

    • Water bill/ electricity bill/ property tax receipt
    • Lease or rental agreement between the company and the landlord
    • NOC, No-objection certificate from the landlord for registered office

    It should be noted that the address and the name present on the water bill/ electricity bill/ property tax receipt completely match the landlord’s NOC certificate and the rental agreement statement. It should also be noted that a company’s registered office cannot remain vacant or be an under-construction building. But it is also not a hard and fast rule that the registered office should be an industrial or commercial property. It can also be a residential property.

    If the firm hasn’t yet concluded which registered office to pick for the firm when filing for the establishment, the 2013’s Companies Act gives the choice for the firm to pick a temporary residence. Then the company should declare the registered office by issuing INC 22 within 2 weeks of the establishment of the firm.

    Additionally, the firms also must print their trade name, officially registered work address, and other needed information on the bills of exchange, letterheads, and other authorized publications. All in all, the need of a company’s registered office is to offer a place for the firm to get its important notices from the governing body.

    Change In Registered Office Address

    After a company’s registered office is declared by issuing INC 22, any modification to the address should be addressed to the registrar of companies. Any modification that lies in the same area of town or city should be informed within 15 days of issuing the required forms. If the changes fall outside the local area of the city, village, or town, then the modifications in the registered office of the firm should be approved via a special resolution given by the firm. Lastly, if the modifications in the registered office of the firm are from one ROC jurisdiction to another, then such a change is only approved by the Registrar of Companies’ Regional Director.

    Registered Office of an LLP

    The need for a registered office of an LLP (Limited Liability Partnership) is just like the need for a registered office for a firm. That’s why the topics covered in this blog can be implied for an LLP as well.


    The registered office of a firm is an important step that should be fulfilled before or as soon as the company files for incorporation. A registered office of a firm allows all the important notifications and announcements from the governing body to be received there. In this article, all important areas regarding a firm’s registered office were covered.


    If an individual registers an industry in India but does not have a real location in India or even a residential address, they can use Virtual Offices to aid them.

    The Registered Business address is public information and is visible on the Ministry of Corporate Affairs website.

    The business registration department is the location where all requests for company registration are processed. The company has taken care of all concerns or problems relating to company creation or business incorporation.