Starting a Jewelry Business in Australia in 2024-25: Complete Guide

This a guide post regarding how you can set up a Jewelry Business in Australia. Read this guide to know more about advantages, process and documentation.


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    Australia, renowned for its dynamic society and prosperous economy, offers foreign business entrepreneurs an exceptional prospect to establish a jewelry business. Affluent consumers and a diverse market make the nation an alluring location for individuals seeking to break into the jewelry sector. This guide aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the necessary procedures, documentation prerequisites, advantages, and costs linked to establishing a jewelry business in Australia.

    Why Choose Australia for Your Jewelry Business?

    Australia is an appealing location for foreign investment due to its growing economy, strong political situation, and strong legal system. The dynamic and ever-changing Australian jewelry market offers opportunities for businesses in both traditional and contemporary jewelry sectors. Given its affluent population and growing interest in high-end goods, the Australian market presents a highly profitable opportunity for jewelry entrepreneurs.

    How to Start a Jewelry Business in Australia? 

    • Market Planning and Research: Before beginning the process of opening an Australian jewelry business, conduct extensive market research to determine the level of demand for your products. In addition to identifying your competitors and target market, develop a thorough business plan that details your objectives, strategies, and financial projections.
    • Register Your Company: You must register your business with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) to conduct business legally in Australia. Obtaining an Australian Business Number (ABN), selecting a business name, and registering for the Goods and Services Tax (GST) if your annual revenue exceeds the threshold are all components of this process.
    • Select an Organizational Structure: The choice of business structure for your jewelry company is critical. Trust, partnership, sole proprietorship, and company are typical organizational units. Regarding liability, taxation, and compliance obligations, every structure possesses its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Consult a professional for assistance in identifying the structure that best meets your particular requirements.
    • Acquire the Essential Permits and Licenses: To adhere to local regulations, it is imperative to acquire all necessary licenses and permits. There may be industry-specific regulations governing the import, manufacture, and sale of particular types of jewelry. Verify with the appropriate authorities that you comply with all legal obligations.
    • Establish a bank account for your business: Establish a distinct financial environment for your business by establishing a business bank account. This ensures proper financial management for your jewelry business and simplifies accounting.

    Documents Required to Set up a Jewelry Business in Australia

    The list of documents required to open a Jewellery Business in Australia are:

    • Identity Proof: A passport, driver’s license, or other government-issued identification may be presented as proof of identity.
    • Commercial Address Verification: Utility bills or lease agreements that substantiate the location of your business.
    • Business Plan: A comprehensive delineation of the business’s goals, target demographic, and financial forecasts.
    • Tax File Number: A TFN is required for a business to fulfil its tax obligations.

    Advantages of Starting a Jewelery Business in Australia

    • Australia has a sizable and expanding jewellery market.
    • In Australia, there is a high demand for Indian jewelry.
    • There are several resources available to assist businesses in starting and running a jewelry business in Australia.
    • Australia’s economy is robust and stable.
    • Australia has a reliable and strong tourism industry


    Setting up a  jewelry business in Australia presents foreign entrepreneurs with immense prospects. By strategically prepping, adhering to regulations, and enlisting the assistance of seasoned professionals such as OnDemand International, one can effortlessly navigate the process and capitalize on the burgeoning Australian jewelry market. Seize the opportunity to showcase your one-of-a-kind jewelry creations to an astute and varied clientele. Contact OnDemand International immediately to initiate the process of establishing a prosperous jewellery enterprise in Australia.


    Are there any requisite licenses or permits for the sale of jewelry? 

    A business license from your local council is required. If you intend to engage in the buying and selling of used jewellery, it may be necessary for you to acquire a license as a second-hand dealer or pawnbroker. 

    What tax consequences come with owning a jewelry company in Australia?

    Operating a jewellery business in Australia has several tax implications. To make sure you comply with all tax laws, you should speak with OnDemand International’s experts.

    How should my jewelry business’s business plan be written?

    A business plan is a road map that includes your objectives, tactics, and projected financials for your enterprise. You can get a lot of assistance writing a business plan from government organizations and the Internet.