Start a Cafeteria in Dubai: Procedure & Documents Required

Customers from all across the world have visited Dubai. You may be asking how to start a cafeteria in Dubai. Read the complete article to know more in breif.

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Start a Cafeteria in Dubai

As among the most rapidly developing economies in the Middle East, investors from all over the world visit Dubai in search of business possibilities. The cafeteria company is one of the fastest-expanding business areas in Dubai. Customers from all across the world have visited Dubai. Now you’re likely asking how to open a small Cafeteria in Dubai.

This blog will give you all of the information you need to create a cafeteria in Dubai, including how much it costs to open a cafeteria in Dubai and how to secure a cafeteria license in Dubai.

Procedure to Start a Cafeteria in Dubai

If you want to create a small café in Dubai, the procedure of doing so might be a bit difficult. It is advisable to seek the assistance of a business consultant in Dubai. 

To open a cafeteria in Dubai, you must first secure two distinct permits. The first is a Dubai cafeteria license. A coffee shop license application can be submitted to the Department of Economic Development (DED) or a free zone in Dubai. Following that, you must get your cafeteria plans authorized by Dubai’s food control authority.

After your cafeteria plan has been approved, you may apply for a food license through the Dubai Municipality Food Safety Department. As part of your application, you must include a copy of your UAE cafeteria license as well as a floor plan that shows all entrances and exits, food processing spaces, storage areas, windows and ventilation, and any other equipment.

You must follow the ‘Food Code’ to keep your cafeteria license in Dubai active. Food safety rules, like in many other large nations, are included. They mainly include meeting particular standards for food preparation, processing, and cleanliness. The food code includes everything from where and how food can be cooked and stored to ventilation and cleaning facilities.

Steps to Obtain a Cafeteria License in Dubai

Obtaining a cafeteria license in the UAE is a time-consuming procedure. To acquire one for yourself, complete the procedures outlined below:

  • Get a trade license from the DED
  • Acquire a food license from the Dubai Municipality’s Culinary and Safety Department.
  • Choose a good area and location for your cafeteria. 
  • With your partners, draft and sign the Memorandum of Association and leasing agreement.
  • Submit the required documentation to the DED (Department of Economic Development).
  • Use a No-Objection Certificate (NOC).
  • The Department of Economic Development will issue you a payment voucher after your application and documentation have been accepted.
  • After you pay the requisite money, your cafeteria license in Dubai will be given.

Documents Required to Open a Cafeteria in Dubai


  • The DED’s approval certificate 
  • The cafe’s configuration certificate of approval from the planning department.
  • You will also be required to submit documentation of how properly the café is maintained, such as its ventilation system, building design, equipment position, and so on.


  • All business partners and managers must sign the license application.
  • Letter of approval and registration of a name. 
  • Stakeholders’ passports must be copied.
  • Memorandum of Association (MOA).

Cost to Start a Cafeteria in Dubai

In Dubai, the average cost of establishing a modest cafeteria is between 125,000 AED to 1750,000 AED. This comprises the principal costs of renting the space, decorating it, and recruiting people. 


Starting a cafeteria business in Dubai is an excellent idea given the thriving market and client needs. We are certain that after reading all of the information on how to start a small cafeteria in Dubai, you will be able to effortlessly build your cafeteria in Dubai.

However, the application process for a cafeteria license in Dubai might be complicated. OnDemand International‘s business consultants and legal advisers can help you obtain your license at a lesser cost in a matter of days and provide you with a dynamic and cost-effective company setup in Dubai. You need only communicate with us; the remainder will be taken care of.


In Dubai, a cafeteria can be run under a variety of business formats, including sole proprietorship, partnership, or limited liability company (LLC). The most typical structure is an LLC, which provides its owners with limited liability protection.

Yes, if you are not a UAE citizen, a local sponsor is required to start a cafeteria in Dubai. A local sponsor is a UAE national or corporation that acts as your legal representative and owns at least 51% of your firm.

To run a cafeteria in Dubai, you will require the following licenses and permits:

  • Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED) trade license
  • Dubai Municipality Food Safety Department Food License 
  • Health cards for all personnel that handle food