Trademark Registration in Ireland: Features, Steps, Documents & Verification

Trademark registration in Ireland is a process to safeguard the identity of a brand to company. Businesses and individuals can sign up for trademarks in Irish trademark to differentiate their products and services from that of their rival companies.

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Trademark Registration in Ireland

The term “mark” refers to a trademark that represents the representation in visual form of a brand’s identity and advertises its products or services offered to its clients. A trademark is also used to distinguish in the marketplace a specific firm and to differentiate it from the other. 

trademark registration in ireland

If you are planning to register a trademark in Ireland and require information regarding the registration of a trademark in Ireland, So this article has all this information.

Registration of a trademark in Ireland is an approach to identify and safeguards its products or services. Businesses and individuals can sign up for trademarks in Irish trademark to differentiate their products and services provided by other companies.

Why should you register the trademark in Ireland?

Firms established in Ireland are the most likely to enjoy the advantages of pursuing registration of a trademark in Ireland and internationally to protect their trade names, products, or services they wish to protect.

It is also important to know:

  • After the trademark has been accepted, the trademark owner must pay the fee for registration within 2 months after approval;
  • The entire process of trademark registration can take about 10 months to complete
  • The protection offered by trademarks registered with a trademark lasts for 10 years long and is renewed for a further 10 years;
  • The renewal application has to be submitted at least six months before expiry.

Trademarks are considered to be intellectual property. This means that their owners may be sold, transferred, or transferred to a different person. If the owner of a trademark registered in Ireland alters, the change must be recorded by the authorities. Trademarks can be licensed by a licensee such as in the instances of franchises. If a trademark is licensed and the licensee (the person who owns the trademark) permits another person (the licensee) to use the registered trademark the right to use the trademark.

This right can be described as the wishes of the licensor to grant a license, whether general or restricted. For instance, registering a trademark in Ireland may be licensed in a limited way so that a third party can respect certain, but not all the goods or services that it has registered or just within a specific area. The licensing of trademarks is subject to an application in writing and payment of an amount.

Steps for trademark registration in Ireland

The process of registering a trademark in Ireland requires taking several steps:

  1. Making the necessary documents available to file the documents with the Irish Patent Office (the registration may also be done through a European Intellectual Property Office);
  2. The examination of the trademark is carried out through Patent Office representatives;
  3. The publication of trademark information is published in the Official Gazette to make sure that there are no oppositions filed against it.
  4. The issue is the Certificate of Registration after paying the registration fee.

If you’re interested in filing a trademark within Ireland and require assistance Our consultancy is here to assist you with the information you need to proceed. We are also able to manage the registration for you with the help of our experts.

Procedure for trademark registration in Ireland

To be granted the rights to use trademarks within the territory of Ireland, investors has to apply to the Irish Patent Office through any of these options:

  • Apply online using an online application form
  • Sending the form via the post office;
  • Presenting in person in person at the Patent Office;
  • Secure drop box suitable for businesses that plan to apply regularly.

The document you file with the Patent Office requires details about your selected trademark(word or an image) and its colors, items or services that it is protecting, and any other specifications. The Irish lawyers can provide you with all the pertinent information on the subject.

Verification for registering a trademark in Ireland

As we mentioned previously to ensure a proper process of trademark registration in Ireland It is recommended to confirm that the mark you wish to use is in line with the registration requirements related to distinctiveness and distinctiveness, as well as not deceitful.

This type of verification is suggested to ensure the trademark you are about to apply for is not refused by the Patent Office during the examination phase. Additionally, it is recommended to ensure that all documents are examined before submission in order so that the future owner will not receive back the application form.

Our consultancy can assist you with these procedures and ensure that you are getting off to a great start when you apply for trademark registration in Ireland.

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Documents to be submitted to the trademark office in Ireland

A list of the documents required to be submitted when you are registering a trademark in Ireland isn’t exhaustive, but it is essential to prepare the documents thoroughly to avoid a lengthy process. 

The application must include:

  • Form No. 1 must include information about the applicant
  • An image depiction of the trademark
  • Details about the classification of the products or services that the trademark is expected to identify;
  • A power of attorney is required when the registration is done through a proxy.

It is important to note the fact that trademark registration in Ireland is built upon the Nice Classification system, which is the reason why some or all of the product services should be chosen. 

Any clarifications or errors which need to be rectified after the submission of documents must be requested and corrected (this service is charged a fee).

People who are applying for trademark registration in Ireland must be aware of the cost. For instance, the cost of a registration of a trademark in Ireland dee will be EUR70.00 per class of services or goods. 

A few examples of costs are the following:

  • One application for a trademark in a specific category of goods or services: EUR70.00;
  • One application for a trademark with two categories: EUR140.00;
  • The registration process for registering a set of trademarks. EUR50.00 to each mark that is more than 2 within the set (a maximum of six trademarks is allowed in a set).

A registration fee is also required to publish the trademark within the Journal of the Intellectual Property Office of Ireland and has the amount of EUR177.

Quick Facts
The types of trademarks Word/figurative/combined marks Shape/position/pattern marks Motion marks, color/sound/color Multimedia marks Collective marks Certification marks
Multi-class application Yes
Verification of trademark availability before application Yes. It is recommended to consult your National Trade Mark Database and the European Union Trade Mark Database
The language of the trademark application Irish and English
Minimum filing requirements Registration Application The type of mark and the representation Claim to Priority (if it is applicable) The type of goods and services to the purpose for which it is offered Signature and statement Documentation of fee payment
Mandatory trademark representation Yes
Trademark registration fee EUR70 per class
The time to finish an application for mark filing (approx.) > 6 months
The application for trademarks is made through local representatives. We can help you.
The power of attorney requirement Mandatory when the application has been completed by the representative of
Opposition period 3 months
Validity of the trademark 10 years; may be renewed for another 10 years.
Renewing your trademark is a requirement Renewal application in due time The renewal fee is charged per class and mark
The conditions to cancel the trademark If it is not used for the products and services to which the registration has been registered, it must be removed within 5 years from the date it was registered
Assistance with trademark applications Yes, as provided by our Consultancy.

Trademarks Act in Ireland

Ireland enacted the Trade Marks Act in 1996 to provide an instrument to protect the rights of intellectual property. By the Trade Marks Act, a trademark is any sign that uses graphical elements to differentiate the products and services offered by a business from that of an Irish business. 

A trademark is a crucial marketing tool that defines the products or services provided by a company. To protect businesses and attract foreign investors to Ireland the authorities are constantly improving the law to ensure the protection of trademarks. safeguarding and protecting trademarks.

Registering a trademark in Ireland represents themselves through designs, words, letters, or any other symbol that distinguishes a product or service from the rest. 

Important features that define the Irish trademark

By Irish law, the term “trademark” can be taken in any form and may be represented using the use of one or more signs, letters, numbers, or forms and any combinations of them that together form logos, words, etc. 

The most important thing to take into consideration when applying to apply for trademark registrations in Ireland However is that the trademark must possess distinctive characteristics which means it has to be distinctive and reflect the services or goods of a person or business in a way that distinguishes them from other brands.

Registration of trademarks in Ireland isn’t difficult in terms of procedure, however, it can be lengthy due to the verifications that must be done through the Irish Patent Office.

Types of trademark registration in Ireland

types of trademark registration in ireland

The trademark is in a sense among the top important aspects of a company because it provides the visual appeal to which your clients will respond. Therefore, it is vital to select the most suitable type of trademark that will reflect your business activities in the most professional manner that is.

As per Irish laws, it is possible to pick among the following kinds of trademarks:

  • Trademark standard– logos, slogans, or words that describe the business activities that you run your business;
  • Collective trademark – that is valid for companies that are part of an association.
  • Certification trademark – can be used for companies where the proprietor wishes to prove the quality of his items or products is top quality;
  • Series of trademarks – which includes not more than six trademarks, that have been found to share similar fundamental characteristics; you may request more details regarding this issue by contacting our lawyers who are located in Ireland.
  • Marks with three dimensions.

Opposition to the registration of a trademark in Ireland

An application for a trademark that is successful doesn’t assure that the mark chosen will be released immediately. The reason is that other parties have three months in which they may challenge any registration for the mark if they have a reason to make a case. It is helpful to know that the period of three months can’t be extended.

The standard method is to first notify the trademark applicant notifying him of the intent to contest the mark. This allows him to withdraw the entire application and put an end to any litigation over intellectual property rights that could ensue. The opposition must be filed by the Controller of Intellectual Property and it will be subject to the payment of a EUR60 cost. There isn’t a uniform template for this type of case the information that has to be provided includes the address and name of the opposing party and the reason for the basis of which the opposition was filed and the details of the opposition trademarks, and the date of signature. The person who applied for the trademark being challenged will be provided with the notice of Opposition.

Our legal team in Ireland can help entrepreneurs in any dispute involving intellectual property, including filing trademark oppositions, or in replying to these types of actions (filing an opposition’s Counter-Statement). Getting appropriate legal aid is crucial, since the opposing side may be entitled to be awarded expenses as a result of the possible awards following these proceedings.

Legal services associated with registration of a trademark in Ireland

The process of trademark registration in Ireland isn’t difficult however, as it takes a long time to get an official Certificate of Registration to be issued, it is recommended to have all the documents ready before beginning the procedure.

The verification and preparation of your registration dossier can be completed in just a few weeks by the legal experts who are located in Dublin, Ireland, and will save you time. We can also send the registration dossier and continually check the status of your application.

Our services can be beneficial to people who aren’t in the country when they file for trademark registration in Ireland. Furthermore, we can help you to register trademarks on European Union and international levels to provide greater protection.

Diverse IP Rights in Ireland

Entrepreneurs and businesses in Ireland can apply for trademark registration as well as other types of IP (IP) if they are required. 

The general guidelines for the options available include:

  • Trademarks: according to this article, it’s the distinctive symbol, symbol, or other combination that is used to identify the business and/or to create its image as a brand.
  • Copyrights: for businesses that produce materials, training manuals, and artists who write music or write books, or make other artworks;
  • Designs: for firms or individuals who can design new designs or forms for jewelry, furniture, or clothes/fashion items;
  • Patents are granted for inventions in the field of technology or new technological processes as well as for innovative improvements to existing products
  • Trade secrets: For those businesses that have developed and/or are accustomed to working with unique techniques or details.

Irish entrepreneurs and companies may be required to seek the security of one or several of these rights. All requests for these are processed by the Irish Intellectual Property Office.


The registration of a trademark in Ireland gives the rights to specific products or services and helps to block others from using the trademark. The company’s products and services are typically the results of significant investment in time and funds. They can be among the most valuable assets, so it is essential to create an Irish trademark to protect them.

For more information regarding trademark registration in Ireland. Contact Odint Consultancy. We are here to help you.


The standard time frame for approval for registration is 12 months, provided that there are no objections or challenges.

Your trademark registration is protected in Ireland. The Republic of Ireland with the exclusion of Northern Ireland.

Yes. The non-use of trademarks registered is a reason why it is susceptible to cancellation.

You can use any mark that is graphically reproducible which can make your goods or services identifiable.

Examples include words or slogans, name sound effects, holograms color Trade dresses, and 3D designs.

Yes. Community Trademark, currently known as European Union Trade Mark, is now in placed in Ireland.

You are required to use your registered trademark within 5 years from the time the registration was announced. Be aware that the user has to be legitimate and occur within Ireland.