Bahrain Work Visas and Permits: Process, Documents & Validity

This article will briefly discuss Bahrain work visas and permits. A Bahrain work visa is an authorization granted to the employee by the Labour Market Regulatory Authority to remain and work in the nation.

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Bahrain Work Visas and Permits in 2023

Bahrain attracts a lot of businesses due to its zero corporation taxes and 100% foreign ownership policy. Yet, incorporating a business or growing an existing business will require recruiting employees. However, any employee who wants to work in Bahrain must first acquire a work visa.

A Bahrain work visa is an authorization granted to the candidate to remain and work in the nation.

bahrain work visas and permits

Firms submit requests for work visas to the Bahrain Labour Market Regulatory Authority, which then grants the visas to international individuals.

This article will briefly discuss Bahrain work visas and permits. It will go over the different kinds, the process, the required paperwork, and the duration of Bahrain work permit visas.

About Bahrain work visas and permits

As a lot of businesses are established in Bahrain, such companies must hire suitable workers. International workers with an employment opportunity from an employer in Bahrain may obtain a work visa in the country to legitimately work there. All international personnel who are recruited in Bahrain must have a work permit. A work permit in Bahrain is a legal instrument that gives permission for overseas employees to operate for a Bahraini employer and is usually granted by the Labor Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA).

Different categories of Bahrain visas

different categories of bahrain visas

The different categories of Bahrain visas are listed below:

  • Business visa: A business visa is given to visitors who visit Bahrain for a short duration to participate in a seminar, workshop, or other commercial functions and are still recruited by an overseas corporation.
  • Bahrain work visa: It is provided to international people who intend to reside and be employed in Bahrain for an extended period of time.
  • Family visa: Relatives of people who are employed in Bahrain and possess a work visa are eligible to apply for a family visa.

Procedure to acquire the Bahrain work permit visa

The process through which Bahrain work visas and permits can be obtained is discussed below:

Obtain an employment offer

One of the most crucial steps before applying for a Bahrain work visa is to have a job in the nation. An employment contract will be given to the candidate by the company after the job has been offered. Details like the length of the work time should be included in the employment agreement that the company offers.

Collect necessary documentation

The next step to acquire a work permit visa in Bahrain is to collect the necessary documentation such as the employee’s passport, photo, version of the agreement, and so on.

Sign in to the LMRA EMS system

The application for a work permit would be started by the company rather than the individual. The employer must sign in to the LMRA EMS system before applying for a work permit. 

Apply for a work permit

Select the new work permit folder, and subsequently select the new expatriate permit button after logging in to the LMRA EMS platform. Next, select the kind of employment visa you need and fill up the relevant areas with the necessary information. An application ID will be generated once the application has been sent.

Approval of work permit visa

Once the work permit has been approved, the employer can either approach one of the recognized institutions or use the EMS platform to make the payments.

Documentation needed to get the Bahrain work visa

Here is a list of the supporting documents required to obtain Bahrain work visas and permits:

  • Application form to acquire the work permit visa in Bahrain
  • Worker’s passport
  • Passport-size picture
  • Copy of the agreement
  • Clinical test results obtained from a certified clinic
  • Sponsorship Letter: A statement of employment that includes the company’s name or organization, its business identification number, the employee’s position, etc.

Processing duration for Bahrain work visas and permits

If the worker currently resides in Bahrain, the processing period for a work visa is typically 3 to 10 working days, and if the worker resides somewhere other than Bahrain, the processing period is 18 to 25 working days. The length of time it takes to process a visa, however, might depend on several circumstances.

Some of the circumstances that affect the duration of acquiring the work visa are discussed below:

  • How quickly the employer provided the necessary documentation
  • Reliability and authenticity of documentation
  • The candidate’s prior performance
  • A worldwide pandemic breaking out
  • Significant increase in Bahrain work visa requests

Work visa validity in Bahrain

The length of a work visa’s duration in Bahrain varies depending on the kind of visa, and the length of the employment agreement. Bahrain’s work permit visa is good for almost 1 to 2 years and such a visa will also provide employees with residency rights.


International workers must get a work visa to be officially employed in Bahrain. An employment agreement has to be provided by the employer to the worker before they can start working. The employer should submit an application to the LMRA in order to apply for a Bahrain work permit visa.

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Any international worker who has been given a position in Bahrain by a firm there and also received the work contract is eligible to apply for a work permit as long as the work has the essential qualifications and fulfills the requirements.

A work permit application in Bahrain has to be given to the LMRA. The LMRA must receive an application for a work permit in Bahrain. Yet the employer of the worker is the one who applies together with the necessary information and expenses.

Bahrain’s work permit visa has a validity of 1 to 2 years, depending on the category of visa.

International individuals who are employed legally in Bahrain may invite their families to the nation. Relatives of people who are employed in Bahrain and possess a work visa are eligible to apply for a family visa.

The situations that can lead to a change in the work visa’s duration are the following:

  • The performance history of the candidate
  • An epidemic spreading across the globe
  • The substantial rise in Bahrain work visa requests