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Belgium Work Visas and Permits: Types, Procedure, & Documents Required

This article will cover the numerous forms of Belgium work visas and permits. The steps, paperwork, and costs associated with obtaining a Belgium work visa will also be covered.


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    Belgium Work Visas and Permits in 2023

    Do you intend to establish a business in Belgium or grow your current operation there? Do you want to acquire new foreign staff or move existing ones?

    Due to Belgium’s membership in the EU, businesses in the country have access to more than 500 million EU citizens.

    belgium work visas and permits

    As a result, numerous businesses are incorporated in Belgium. But in order for businesses to be successful, it is crucial for them to employ specialized workers. Employees must, however, get the necessary visas and permits in order to be employed lawfully in Belgium.

    This article will cover the numerous forms of Belgium work visas and permits. The steps, paperwork, and costs associated with obtaining a Belgium work visa will also be covered.

    Forms of Belgium Work Visas & Permits

    Following are the numerous forms of work permit in Belgium for international citizens:

    Work permit type A

    With a type a work permit in Belgium, you are permitted to operate in any position for any firm for an indefinite duration. However, in order to be granted this permit, the candidate should have possessed a Type B permit for not less than four years throughout a continuous ten-year tenure in Belgium.

    Work permit type B

    The employment of foreign nationals in roles that can’t be performed by Belgians or EU citizens is permitted under this type B work permit in Belgium. This Belgium work visa has a twelve-month maximum validity period that may be extended after the completion of the 12 months. For a particular job, your business needs to apply for this form of B permit on your part.

    Work permit type C

    The type C work permit in Belgium is only available to particular kinds of overseas employees and enables them to remain in the nation for purposes apart from employment. Students and other transient guests are granted this authorization. It may be utilized for 12 months at most.

    European Blue Card

    Highly trained workers are allowed to work in Belgium for three months under this work-cum residence permit.

    Professional card

    A professional card is required if you want to continue working as a self-employed specialist in Belgium. This allows someone from outside Belgium to engage in a specialized occupation there for a period of one to five years.

    Application Procedure for Belgium Work Visas and Permits

    In order to reside and work in Belgium, international workers will require a work permit and visa. It is the employer’s duty to submit an application for a work permit, but they must first demonstrate that no job-seeking Belgium nationals are available who are qualified to take on the post. After that, the application procedure can be started.

    Here is the procedure to apply for Belgium Work Visas and Permits: 

    1. Look for employment opportunities in Belgium

    The initial stage of acquiring a Belgium work visa involves looking for employment opportunities in the nation. Once you have the job, your employer has to offer you an employment agreement for the position you have been offered.

    2. Submitting the work permit application

    The employer applies for a work permit by submitting an application to the Belgian immigration department. After a work permit is approved, the administration sends a copy to the Belgian Embassy in the potential employee’s home nation.

    3. Apply for a type D (long-stay) visa

    The work permit enables you to reside and work in Belgium, although, entry to the country requires a D visa. A long-stay visa must be obtained when moving to Belgium. If you intend on being employed in Belgium for over 90 days, you must get a type D (long-stay) visa.

    4. Visiting Belgium

    The worker can visit Belgium once they have their visa and permits. The worker notifies the relevant institutions on their arrival in Belgium and provides their residential location.

    Paperwork Necessary for a Belgium Work Visa

    Due to Belgium’s membership in the European Union (EU), individuals from other EU nations are allowed to be employed there without needing a work permit. Swiss nationals and residents of the European Economic Area are likewise excluded from acquiring a work permit to work in Belgium.

    But everyone else who wants to work in Belgium must do so by applying for a work visa there.

    Here is the paperwork necessary to apply for a Belgium work visa:

    • Passport: The current passport is required.
    • Evidence of accommodations: You must provide proof that you will have a place to live in Belgium.
    • Employment agreement: When you accept the job, your company is required to provide you with an employment contract for the role you have been assigned.
    • Evidence of financial capability: You must provide evidence that you can support yourself monetarily in Belgium.
    • A health certification: You must demonstrate that you don’t have any medical conditions that could harm the general public’s health.
    • Proof showing you have never been found guilty of a crime: You should provide a declaration from the police officer stating that you have never been arrested or prosecuted.

    Processing Duration and Fees for Belgium Work Visas and Permits

    Processing duration for Belgium work visas and permits

    The length of time to get a work visa is about 8 to 10 weeks. Since your business must submit the application on your behalf, it varies depending on what corporation you would be operating for. It is therefore recommended to you submit the application in advance.

    Fees for a Belgium work visa

    The fee for a work visa is approximately €180 and it covers all forms of long-stay visas. Following the filing of your visa application to the Belgian Immigration Office, your company will pay the sum.

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      Acquiring Belgium work visas and permits is essential in order to be capable of functioning legitimately in the country. To minimize the possibility that your application will be rejected, it is crucial to follow the stages precisely.  

      The specialists at Odint Consulting have years of experience and can support you during the application process. They can also help you fill out paperwork, submit applications, and complete other necessary details.


      Work permit type A, work permit type B, and work permit type C are the different categories of work permits available in Belgium.

      When you reach Belgium, you must enroll with your local town hall or authority in order to acquire a residence permit. After that, an ID card application and your fingerprints must be submitted. The identification card that serves as your residency permit will be given to you once you have satisfied the criteria.

      The fee for a work visa is approximately €180 and it covers all forms of long-stay visas. Following the filing of your visa application to the Belgian Immigration Office, your company will pay the sum.

      • Passport
      • Evidence of accommodations
      • Employment agreement
      • Evidence of financial capability
      • Health certification
      • Proof that you have never had a criminal conviction

      Getting Belgium work visas and permits takes about 8 to 10 weeks.

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