Singapore Corppass Guide

What a CorpPass Helps You to Do

  • Pay Taxes, Get Permits, Licenses & more

  • 200+ Digital Services

  • All G2B Transactions

  • Companies, LLPs, Partnerships, Societies with/without UEN

  • Foreign Entities without UEN

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    What is a CorpPass?

    A CorpPass is the digital method to authorize transactions between your organization and the Singapore government. If you hire an authorized professional to perform those transactions as an owner, for example, you can make that professional your CorpPass administrator.

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      Get 30 minutes of expert counselling. No Spam.No Sharing. 100% confidentiality

      • Pay Taxes, Get Permits, Licenses & more

      • 200+ Digital Services

      • All G2B Transactions

      A CorpPass admin or administrator is the person whom the owner, partner, Director, or Corporate Secretary may assign to conduct any corporate transaction with a government agency. An organization with a Unique Entity Number (UEN) may have at most 2 CorpPass admins.

      Then, how does an owner of a company control government-to-business transactions for his organization?

      An owner, partner, Director, or a Corporate Secretary of a company can manage, approve, reject, or remove CorpPass admins. Smaller companies may appoint the owner as a CorpPass admin.

      What if the CorpPass Registered Officer (RO) of a company is unavailable?

      The owner or the person registering the company may, while registering for a CorpPass, issue a Letter of Authorization with the details of an alternate approver. Include a valid ID document of the alternate approver. It usually takes 5 days for the CorpPass Central Administrator to go through and authorize the approver.

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      What is a UEN?

      A Unique Entity Number is an identifier associated with and issued to companies, LLPs, Representative Offices, or societies in Singapore. Only UEN-issuance agencies (ACRA, ROS) are authorized to grant UENs.

      Is the CorpPass mandatory for local companies operating in Singapore?

      All Singapore businesses must obtain a CorpPass to pay employee taxes, corporate taxes, license fees, stamp duties, and so on.

      Is the CorpPass mandatory for foreign companies operating in Singapore?

      Yes, Branch & Representative Offices of Foreign firms in Singapore must also apply for and obtain a CorpPass.

      What are the benefits of getting a CorpPass?

      A CorpPass can be used by authorized employees to

      • assign roles & responsibilities to employees conducting business with the Singapore government,

      • pay corporate taxes,

      • register for the GST,

      • obtain tax reference number for holding companies,

      • obtain income tax reference numbers,

      • apply for permits,

      • pay license fees,

      • obtain government grants for startups (eg. from Enterprise Singapore),

      • deal with the Singapore Accountant General’s office to curate public buildings, etc.

      • authorize your accountants & service providers to conduct government transactions on your behalf (thus adding an extra layer of security to your SingPass – which is needed for non-corporate services with the government),

      • pay customs duties,

      • sell goods or services to the Singapore government via the GeBIZ portal,

      • perform G2B transactions.

      All Singapore businesses must obtain a CorpPass to pay employee taxes, corporate taxes, license fees, stamp duties, and so on. The CorpPass or the Singapore corporate access is the single login method for online corporate transactions with more than 200 government digital services in Singapore. It was specifically introduced so that all entities registered with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority, ACRA, or with a Unique Entity Number, UEN.

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      The CorpPass is a digital service built and regulated by the Government Technology Agency mainly operated by the Singapore Government. It is specifically designed for accessing online transactions between local business entities with government agencies such as the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS), the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA), and others. Almost 80 percent of local businesses have already switched to CorpPass to better protect and manage their corporate data in an easy and time-saving manner

      What are the Requirements for CorpPass Registration?

      For Local Entities:

      • Your entity UEN

      • Personal Details of CorpPass Admins: complete names, email addresses, NRIC, PR, SingPass login

      • Personal Details of CorpPass Registered Officers (ROs): complete names, email addresses, NRIC, PR, SingPass login

      For Foreign Entities:

      • Registered Business Particulars

      • Admin login details for your CorpPass

      Registering for a CorpPass At a Glance:

      • Collect all documents needed for registration.

      • Visit the CorpPass website and navigate to ‘Register as a CorpPass Admin’.

      • Set CorpPass logins, fill-in details of admins, sub-admins, and users.

      • Select the online services your company needs for its business.

      • Link those online services with the user accounts for your organization.

      1. Registered Officer (RO) with UEN or Singpass logs on to CorpPass website

      Singapore Corporate Access login, only regional beings with a Unique Entity Number (UEN) and foreign investors without a local UEN are eligible for registration. Local entities who are without UEN’s are not capable of CorpPass roll and account. However, if a different entity is enthusiastic, they can report for a UEN with an applicable UEN allotment agency in Singapore.

      2. RO registers a maximum of 2 CorpPass Admins

      CorpPass Person under whom the company is registered, UEN can be an RO or be a CorpPass Admin. There can only be a result of 2 CorpPass Admins per thing, while the number of CorpPass stoners isn’t limitedive for users.

      3. CorpPass Admin creates CorpPass accounts

      After the RO nominates two administrators, then these two CorpPass directors can establish numerous CorpPass reports based on the usable functions for use inside the business and company. But it is significant to maintain in mind that the CorpPass Sub-Admin part is only regional to 10 people which will be authorised Admin of CorpPass, while CorpPass Enquiry User and parts have no insufficient quantity of registered stoners of the company.

      CorpPass Admins can restrict digital service access for various CorpPass account types

      Relying on the digital service requested by several government agencies such as IRAS, ACRA, etc or pass Admins can be authorised to regulate and impede certain duty accesses for the summary samples given by CorpPass.

      CorpPass Admins maintain CorpPass Accounts

      Once all CorpPass reports are configured and appointed for intention, the CorpPass Admin can organize all authorizations, digital service admission, and different litigations expecting authorisation of every CorpPass position.

      CorpPass for Sole Proprietors, GST-Registered, and Group/Divisional Registrants

      Sole proprietors, group registered companies, and companies with IRAS divisional registration whose businesses are related to Goods and Services Tax, are required to create a separate GST CorpPass Admin Account registered under their respective GST registration numbers.

      The GST CorpPass Admin manages GST CorpPass User accounts by giving them rights to access GST e-services and submit GST returns to IRAS.

      1. Register GST CorpPass Admin account

      The IRAS has structures for either GST-registered sole-proprietors, GST Group or Divisional Registrants officers. These are for electing a new GST CorpPass admin or to formulate modifications with your pre-existing GST CorpPass Admin report. Once you fill-up the forms, restore them into a PDF file and deliver them connected to an email via their myTax Portal. The forms must be sent five (5) days in advance for official work.

      If you are the GST CorpPass Admin who catalogues the GST rescues to IRAS, then the GST CorpPass User Accounts will comprise your simple and easy titles as a citation roster for budget innovation in the company.

      GST e-services will be recorded in CorpPass for design by companies under this division. GST CorpPass Admins must appoint numerous GST e-services in design or use to the GST CorpPass User Account. However, if you are authorized to file the GST returns on behalf of your firm, you can appoint preferred GST e-services to your report.

      There are five types of CorpPass account roles for employees who are active in conducting transactions with the government on behalf of their business entity:

      1. Registered Officer (RO): The individual officially reported by the element in the certificates of the ACRA or a pertinent UEN-issuance agency in Singapore.

      As a Registered Agent and officer, one can govern Corppass Administrators (Admin) beings by authorizing, opposing or cancelling Corppass Admins license. You may also express yourself to be a Corppass Admin yourself to transform and act on behalf of your company’s commodity, without expecting any agreements.

      The particular whose term is officially reported with ACRA and Associated/ registered to the item he/she is incorporated will be credible for ordaining 2 Admins and endorsing the CorpPass Admin Accounts credentials.

      2. CorpPass Administrator (CorpPass Admin): Deputed by the Registered Officer (RO) to confirm CorpPass transactions and oversee their validity. It is not unusual for RO’s to act as a CorpPass Admin themselves if they so desire.

      3. CorpPass Sub-Administrator account (CorpPass Sub-Admin): Authorised by the CorpPass Admin to help manage CorpPass accounts and their access to digital services on behalf of their entity the Sub-Admins are usually assigned by the CorpPass Administrator.
      Appointing a person to be a Sub-Admin does not expect RO authorization

      4. CorpPass Enquiry User account: A CorpPass account created by the CorpPass Admin or Sub-Admin of the commodity or entities is also utilized to supervise agreements with the Government’s digital services and impression elements of their CorpPass format of company.

      5. CorpPass User account: A CorpPass report built by the CorpPass Admin to handle government digital assistance and its pacts. CorpPass user reports will have a personal CorpPass ID from the others, There is presently no threshold for the CorpPass Users for every being for companies. However, a CorpPass Admin can determine this position if their organisation is in a slight position.

      While a SingPass allows you to authenticate user logins to various government services, a CorpPass allows you to authorize other users/employees to conduct G2B transactions on behalf of the company or other entity. In this manner, the CorpPass adds a layer of corporate security for all your digital transactions.