Poland PR Permit For Indian Entrepreneurs: Eligibility & Documentation

Any Indian entrepreneur can make investments in Poland. With Poland PR permit for Indian entrepreneurs they can get a residence permanently, as the resident may apply for naturalization to Polish citizenship.


    Note: This form is not for job seekers.

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    poland pr permit for indian entrepreneurs

    Overview: Poland PR Permit For Indian Entrepreneurs

    Poland is an official participant in the European Union and is located to the east of Germany. Poland provides temporary residence to investors in business who wish to set up a business within the country.

     It is essentially required for the entrepreneurs to start the entrepreneurial activity for business and show that they generate a minimum of 15,000 EUR of annual income in order to be eligible to be granted a temporary residence permit. 

    Any Indian entrepreneur can make investments in the real estate sector as a way to earn money. However, after 3 years of securing an interim permit, the person can apply for permanent residency in Poland. Although, again after the next  3rd year,  they can get a residence permanently, as the resident may apply for naturalization to Polish citizenship. 

    How does Poland Residence Program work for Indian Entrepreneurs?

    For an Indian Entrepreneur or investors, it does offer a Poland business visa to those who invest in businesses within Poland. The program does not require that entrepreneurs invest a huge initial capital amount.

    It’s all they have to do is establish a firm in Poland. In the course of a year, they have to make EUR 15,000 of income in order to be eligible for temporary residency along with the permit.

    The more money you earn the longer the permit is offered. The applicants can invest in a variety of different types of assets. In fact, real estate is an option in the program.

    The permanent residency will also be available shortly after. After 3 years, entrepreneurs are eligible to apply for permanent residency. In the next 3 years, following permanent residency, applicants can become naturalized.

    There’s also a citizenship-by-merit option. entrepreneurs who contribute more than EUR one million to Poland may petition the Polish government to be granted citizenship on merit.

    Who is Eligible to get a PR permit with Business Activity for Entrepreneurs?

    • Indian entrepreneurs who conduct business within the Polish territory can easily apply for a Poland permanent residence permit.
    • This authorization is also granted to an entrepreneur who has the intent to stay in Poland in order to fulfill duties as a director on the board of a business like an LLC Or when he is the shareholder in a joint-stock corporation.
    • Legal entities that engage in economic activities have to generate a specific amount of revenue to qualify for a license. 
    • Additionally, the legal entity has to create jobs or have the right tools to achieve them. 
    • Also, it must take action to ensure these conditions are fulfilled in the near future.

    PR Permitted Businesses by Poland

    pr permitted businesses in poland

    The applicants can start their business firms in many types. However, the procedure of getting started for each differs.

    • Restricted partnership
    • Restricted joint-stock partnerships
    • Limited liability companies
    • Joint Stock Company

    NOTE: A foreigner who wants to form one of these corporations or partnerships does not require a permit to stay in Poland and obtain an employment permit in Poland. 

    Documents required for the PR permit For Indian Entrepreneurs

    • Three copies of the application to issue this temporary residency permit which is completed in English letter
    • Four photos that meet the following criteria:
      • in good condition, color and sharp;
    • Dimensions 35 mm x45 mm;
    • It must be made at least 6 months before the date of the application; 
    • The face will take up 70% to 80% of the image on a plain white background.
    • It clearly shows the eyes of an outsider, particularly the pupils.
    • The photocopy is an authentic travel document (original to review ).
    • Identify the amount earned for the fiscal year that comes from business as an entrepreneur. The acceptable income can be described in the previous paragraphs.
    • Display agreements with employees. Minimum 2 Polish citizens that have been employed by your company for more than one year.
    • All documents confirm your entrepreneur activity.
    • Documents verifying the coverage in health insurance.
    • Additionally, documentation confirms the existence of a stable regular income that is sufficient to cover the maintenance costs.
    • It is required to present a valid document that confirms the existence of a location of residence. Examples include the confirmation that you have registered, an agreement for renting an apartment, or another agreement that allows the use of space. A statement from a person who is entitled to living space to allow a foreigner in the residence.


    A Permanent residence permit based upon entrepreneurial activity is obtainable by an Indian entrepreneur who can boost the amount of money he earns and the number of employees.

     If you are a member of the partnership, and then immediately attempt to obtain a residence permit in Poland is not worth the effort. Particularly in the year 2019. It is important to show your worth to Poland.

     If you still have any queries related to the Poland Permanent Residence via investment for Indian entrepreneurs, we are ODINT Consultancy, here to help you out in each & every step of yours.


    The process of obtaining a Polish PR isn’t easy. However, it is possible. Making sure you have the proper documentation and filling out the application correctly is the first step to success.

    The investor has to start an enterprise and prove that they earn at least 15,000 EUR of income per year to qualify for an indefinite residence permit. 

    If you’ve lived in Poland for a minimum of five consecutive years then you’re eligible to seek permanent residence.