Company Registration in Amsterdam: Importance, Benefits & Procedure

If you’re planning to open your business in the Netherlands, particularly in Amsterdam it is essential to follow the procedures for company registration in Amsterdam to establish an organization and obtain legal rights to be activated as an entity legal.


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    Company Registration in Amsterdam in 2023

    The Netherlands is situated to the west of Western Europe and is commonly called Holland. Amsterdam is the biggest town in the Netherlands comprised a range of commercial services. The Netherlands is a place where businesses can set in a matter of minutes.

    company registration in amsterdam

    Treaties as well as bilateral arrangements signed with other states of the union provide an advantage, giving advantage over competitors on the market to register your company in Amsterdam.

    The Netherlands is ranked 2nd in economic performance, fourth in efficiency in business, 12th in government efficiency, and 7th in infrastructure. Investors are therefore keen to choose to register your business in Amsterdam.

    If you’re planning to open your business in the Netherlands, particularly in Amsterdam it is essential to follow the procedures for company registration in Amsterdam to establish an organization and obtain legal rights to be activated as a legal entity. 

    We would like to inform you of details about corporate creation services.

    Our Services: Company registration in Amsterdam

    Amsterdam is among the most thriving cities in the Netherlands and that is the reason it was a magnet for many international investors throughout the years. 

    The city is a major draw in the maps of the nation and of the whole European continent since it is among the largest ports across the continent.

    To cater to the requirements of all investors who are interested in setting up a business within Amsterdam, Netherlands, and deciding to choose Amsterdam for that, we’ve designed comprehensive Amsterdam company registration packages that comprise:

    1. Assistance in selecting the best business structure that meets the requirements of the customer.
    2. Amsterdam Company registration services that include the preparation of documents that will file with the Dutch Trade Register.
    3. Taxes and VAT register that is included in our financial service packages in Amsterdam.
    4. Virtual office service that can be used to create an office registered during the initial stages of establishment in Amsterdam.
    5. Tax-related advice, tax reduction solutions, and specialized services that relate to the necessary licenses to run the business.

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    Company Incorporation in Amsterdam

    We provide assistance for registering your company in Amsterdam whatever kind of Dutch business you choose to create in the city. 

    We are able to provide guidance and information when you are planning to create a Dutch BV company, which is also known as a limited liability company within the Netherlands or a general partnership or Dutch limited partnership. 

    We can assist you in the event of opening an office or creating a subsidiary company within Amsterdam or a STAK within the Netherlands.

    Procedure for company registration in Amsterdam

    The process of company registration in Amsterdam is relatively simple regardless of the company structure. But, the majority of our clients who established businesses with us in Amsterdam over the past few years prefer to let our experts manage the incorporation process and then relocate to the Netherlands after everything is in place.

    These are the actions we take on behalf of our clients who are interested in the incorporation of companies within Amsterdam:

    • Receiving the personal details of the customers in order to begin the registration process.
    • Drafting and having the incorporation documents notarized for the aim of filing them in the Trade Register.
    • Finding an appropriate address that can be used as a legally valid address for the business (for this reason, we provide online office solutions).
    • Opening the corporate bank account of the company to deposit capital of the shares.
    • Filing all the necessary documents necessary to register the business with The Trade Register and collecting the Certificate of Incorporation.
    • The Amsterdam company registration is to be taxed and VAT-related (we may also get an EORI number, based on your VAT code).

    After these steps have been completed After that, the client has the option to relocate from the Netherlands and/or operate the business from a remote location. 

    We’d like to point out it is the Netherlands is among the most friendly nations in Europe regarding tax advantages for foreigners moving to the country. We would like to suggest that you discuss these advantages with our register your company in Amsterdam.

    Assistance with starting an Amsterdam-based business

    In addition to company creation services, our Dutch specialists can help you with all of the steps required to the establishment of a business with the Netherlands. 

    We can help you with making documents such as the article of incorporation along with the signatures sample as well as filling out the forms and other documents. Additionally, we will help you through the registration procedures, including setting up the bank account and offer advice on accounting.

    If the process of registering your company in Amsterdam requires the following steps, you can be sure that all procedures will be completed in the right manner and faster than if you’ve completed registering your company in Amsterdam own. 

    We can assist you to determine that the name you wish to use for the business is registered with the Chamber of Commerce and make it available, then you can open an account with a bank and then deposit the minimum capital amount in accordance with the kind of business and also the notarization of the company’s certificate of incorporation.

    Estimated duration to start your business in Amsterdam

    One of the most compelling reasons to select to go with the Netherlands or Amsterdam or the other cities in this nation to establish a business in will be the time frame during which a company is established.

    Locally, the office for Trade Register offers some of the top services in Europe for the registration of companies, and as a result, an entity that is legal is registered within days. 

    In case you require assistance, our experts can assist you in obtaining faster incorporation by drafting all documents that are required according to the form for the business you have chosen.

    With over 3,600 international corporations that operate from Amsterdam, this is among the top regional hubs for multinational companies.

    The city is home to several of the most important international corporations’ European headquarters which also provides a perfect location to network and make new business relationships.

    Our corporate formation agents located in Amsterdam are ready to serve you with full services that require VAT and tax registration. Additionally, if you require information on local taxes that must be paid within Amsterdam we can assist you with up-to-date details.

    Virtual office in Amsterdam

    A virtual workplace located in Amsterdam company registration can be a great option for entrepreneurs who wish to establish an enterprise within Amsterdam since it’s a budget-friendly investment and at the same displays professionalism. 

    This is the ideal solution for those who already have an enterprise outside of Amsterdam and would like to expand to the city and, consequently, must have an office in Amsterdam.

    Accountancy services available within Amsterdam

    As mentioned previously, our services for Amsterdam company registration are completed with accounting services that begin with the registration of the tax-paying company with the tax authorities in the city. 

    They can also include accounting services, bookkeeping, the preparation of monthly quarterly, annual, and monthly financial statements, and filing with the tax office local to the city of Amsterdam. We can also assist with tax returns and filings for VAT.

    Foreign investors who have relocated to register your company in Amsterdam can also, get help in filing their tax returns for personal use so that they are eligible for the various allowances provided by Dutch officials.

    We also provide tax assistance and solutions to minimize tax for individuals who are creating companies with headquarters in Amsterdam. From this perspective Dutch BV, it offers many of the most intriguing tax advantages.

    Our Dutch specialists in the formation of companies will be able to provide more details regarding how to take advantage of the advantages of setting up an LLC from Amsterdam.

    Best business structure to establish a business in Amsterdam

    Foreign investors seeking to do a company registration in Amsterdam are able to choose from various business forms that are available to register, however, one of them, the private limited liability corporation was known as BV without doubt is one of the most suitable. 

    In addition to offering the flexibility of incorporation, the BV can also be utilized to carry out a variety of business operations which can be carried out in this location.

    The Dutch BV may be utilized by foreign companies and entrepreneurs who want to be in complete control over their activities in Amsterdam. With the assistance of our experts in corporate registration throughout the Netherlands, setting the company template within Amsterdam is easy.

    Attractive industries within Amsterdam

    Amsterdam company registration can be described as a place with a lot of opportunities, and one of the various industries that investors are able to operate is trading since the city is considered to be one of the largest trading centers in Europe however, farming research, research and development are other significant economic sectors that shape Amsterdam’s economy.

    Amsterdam is well-known for being one of the most renowned start-up development centers in the Netherlands and the city has become one of the top locations in the world for the development of these companies.

    But, if an alternative industry is more appropriate then you must be aware that Amsterdam is among the oldest centers of business in the Netherlands and is able to accommodate all kinds of activities, particularly in the case of creative ones due to the fact that the Dutch population has attention to new and exciting ideas and how they could make their lives better.

    Foreign entrepreneurs who wish to begin an Amsterdam company registration are able to count on us for support, regardless of the field they wish to work in.

    Benefits of company registration in Amsterdam

    Being a foreigner, a person planning to establish an enterprise with a company in Amsterdam is likely to consider the living conditions the city has to offer as is typical. 

    However, many people have heard about the excellent living conditions the Netherlands provides and have made the decision to permanently relocate to the Netherlands. In reality, the city’s residents were of Dutch origin as of 2016. 

    The other half of the population is comprised of Dutch citizens with foreign ancestry and foreigners.

    Furthermore, also, the Netherlands was one of the first nations in Europe to establish a startup visa program, through which foreign entrepreneurs can relocate to the country. 

    When they decide to relocate to and register your company in Amsterdam you will reap many benefits, among them:

    • It is a perfect equilibrium between living and working here.
    • Access to a skilled workforce, that is populated by foreigners in a significant portion,
    • Many of the people who live here are English people,
    • A central spot within the Netherlands,
    • An excellent infrastructure.

    With an excellent connection via air, sea, railway, and roads, Amsterdam can host companies in every industry that requires high mobility. For example, via train, it is possible to travel to Paris. 

    The French capital Paris with less than four hours. Additionally, Belgium and Germany are simple to reach by car or train.

    Being a European Union member state, starting a business in the Netherlands could be extremely rewarding for EU as well as non-EU investors, therefore, feel free to inquire with our representatives about how you can relocate to the Netherlands.

    Reason you should select Amsterdam

    Amsterdam is considered to be one of the biggest cities in the Netherlands and along and Rotterdam they have become the two most important ports within the European Union. Amsterdam can be one of the cities with the highest development in the nation and has the potential numerous opportunities for foreign investors. 

    The following reasons would justify the benefits of company registration in Amsterdam:

    • It is one of the three fastest-growing regions in Europe along with Prague as well as Warsaw;
    • The economy of the city is expected that will expand 1.3 percent faster than the other Dutch cities;
    • The forecast is to finish the year with an economic expansion of 2.8 percent;
    • 2020 is also projected to be a great year with the local economy predicted to expand by 2.3 percent.

    Tourism is among the largest businesses within Amsterdam, and most of the companies operating in this industry are owned by foreigners, which account for 20% of employment in the city.



    The Amsterdam company registration process in the Chamber of Commerce is the first step to branch opening and is cheaper than the creation of a new business. Any losses incurred by the branch could be easily deducted from the parent organization.

    The new branch may be used for a variety of purposes for instance, as an office for sales, a production unit, also representation and market research, and even surveying. In this instance, the new location is viewed as an extension or a portion of the parent company in another country and is not an independent legal entity.

    The resistance of Dutch banks to create accounts for business associates as well as clients is an obstacle to establishing an office of a bank in The Netherlands.

    If you’re looking for more pertinent details on the Amsterdam company registration, be sure to contact our team. We are Odint Consultancy.


    The applicant must apply for business registration in the Netherlands due to the abundance of opportunities, which make it easy to run a business.

    There aren’t any minimum capital requirements for the registration of a company.

    If the company is internationally located, then the most appropriate option for a company to use in the Netherlands is the branch office. The applicant could choose to establish a company called BV (a private restricted company) in the Netherlands.

    To establish a BV, a power of attorney can be granted to the notary in order to fulfill the registration obligations. Physical presence is not necessary. A branch office may appoint one representative to handle the registration requirement.

    Presently, the corporate tax rate in the Netherlands is 20-25 percent.

    A company may be registered in the Netherlands for the duration which is all of one month. One director and one shareholder are required to complete the procedure of registering a company in the Netherlands.