How to Get a Digital Marketing License in Dubai, UAE in 2024?

Get ready to conquer the digital marketing world in Dubai, UAE! Find out how to obtain a digital marketing license in Dubai in 2024 on our article!


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    Digital marketing is a thriving industry in Dubai. Demand from corporates and other firms in Dubai and the UAE is driving the expansion of digital marketing agencies in Dubai. One of the most popular startup licences is a digital marketing licence in Dubai.

    The United Arab Emirates possesses the world’s best digital infrastructure and internet speeds. The internet market is well-developed, with some of the best eCommerce businesses. In addition, the services market is expanding.

    Digital marketing services are among the most in-demand in Dubai among businesses of all sizes. Brands continually seek new ways to contact the proper audience to expand their business efficiently. The Digital Marketing Licence enables investors to open a full-service Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai. 

    What is the Dubai Digital Marketing License?

    A Dubai Digital Marketing Licence is essential for a company to lawfully provide marketing services in the UAE. Investors in Dubai can obtain a Digital Marketing Licence from the Mainland or one of the Free Trade Zones.

    A firm’s location is determined by various criteria, including the investor’s business requirements, budget, infrastructure requirements, and so on. The Digital Marketing Licence is a professional business licence. The investor can establish the company in a variety of methods.

    Procedure to Start a Digital Marketing Company in Dubai

    The procedure to start a digital marketing company in Dubai are

    • Choose a company name (up to three alternatives) and get it approved by the appropriate licencing authorities – free zones/mainland
    • Choose the necessary digital marketing activities from the list of Free Zone/Mainland activities. It is a critical stage, and the chosen trade activity determines the future of the company.
    • Submit the investor(s)’ needed documentation (passport copy, photograph) to the authority and pay the charge.
    • If necessary, write an agreement to occupy the office space. It is decided by the requirements of the company.
    • Obtain a Trade Licence from the appropriate authorities and begin operating legally in the UAE.
    • Continue to apply for the UAE investor visa and, depending on visa quota availability, hire more employees for the company.
    • With the freshly obtained Digital Marketing Company Licence, open a corporate bank account in the UAE.

    Cost to Start a Dubai Digital Marketing Company 

    The services you obtain to establish a digital marketing company in Dubai will be subject to government fees. Among these services are:

    • Name approval 
    • Consultation on business formation
    • LSA notary commission
    • Trade licence
    • Preliminary approval
    • Tasheel charge stamp of the corporation
    • Corporate service charge
    • Documentation

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    Benefits of Digital Marketing License in Dubai

    The acquisition of a digital marketing licence in Dubai has various advantages. Here are a few of these advantages:-

    • Companies in Dubai that hold a digital marketing licence are qualified for many perks, including tax exemptions and other advantages, which can help them save money and boost revenue.
    • Acquiring a digital marketing licence in Dubai is highly advantageous as it enhances the legitimacy of the enterprise. Customers are more trusting of the company since it demonstrates that it complies with all applicable laws and regulations.
    • By obtaining a digital marketing licence, businesses can offer their clients a variety of services such as social media marketing, email marketing, search engine optimisation, and online advertising.
    • A digital marketing licence in Dubai allows a company to operate in the market of the United Arab Emirates. For a big and expanding market of customers and enterprises, this creates several options.

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    Steps to Obtain a Digital Marketing License in Dubai

    It is not as difficult as it may seem to obtain a digital marketing licence in Dubai. To receive the licence, you must take the following actions. The following steps are listed.

    • It is crucial to ascertain the firm for which the business wants to receive the licence before applying. There are various company types from which to select, including mainland, offshore, and free zone firms. A business located in a free zone offers several advantages, including tax breaks and other exemptions.
    • The next stage is to choose a free zone in Dubai if the company want to establish itself there. A few free zones in Dubai that offer digital marketing licences are Dubai Media City (DMC), Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO), and Dubai Internet City (DIC). Every free zone offers benefits and advantages unique to it. Before choosing a free zone, it’s crucial to perform extensive study.
    • The licence application is the next stage. The department’s customer service staff must be contacted to apply for the licence; alternatively, the application may be submitted online. Typically, the application process entails filing the required paperwork and paying the required amounts. The following lists the documents that are typically needed:-
      • Copies of the managers’ and shareholders’ passports and business plans.
      • Evidence of Address
      • A letter of no objection from the company’s current sponsor, as well as its MoA and AoA.
    • Acquiring physical space for an office is necessary for companies intending to do digital marketing business in free zones, depending on the sort of licence they are acquiring.
    • Obtaining the visas for the business and any prospective hires is a crucial step that comes after this one. The visa application process varies depending on the type of business the company has created.
    • Finally, it is imperative to remain up to date and adhere to the numerous rules and regulations established by Dubai’s numerous authorities to successfully operate a digital marketing business in Dubai. These include, among other things, the Dubai Municipality, the Department of Economic Development, the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Dubai Data Protection Law.


    Getting a digital marketing licence in Dubai is a smart move for any worker who wants to do well in the UAE’s digital world, which is changing quickly. You can get a lot of great chances in one of the world’s most technologically advanced cities with this licence. It also gives your business legitimacy. Dubai is a great place for digital marketers to work because it is dedicated to new technology and is friendly to business. With the Dubai government’s help and the easy licensing process, professionals can use their skills to reach a wide range of customers. This helps them stay compliant and build trust in a tough industry. Remember that getting a digital marketing licence in Dubai is more than just the law; it’s also the first step to reaching people all over the world, making the most of your online presence, and achieving digital success.


    How long does a Digital Marketing Licence in Dubai last?

    In Dubai, a digital marketing licence is usually good for one year and needs to be renewed every year to stay valid.

    How much does it cost to get a Digital Marketing Licence in Dubai?

    The licence fees change based on the business type and the jurisdiction picked. But the price is somewhere between AED 11,900 and AED 18,500.

    I have a Digital Marketing Licence in Dubai. Are there any limits on the types of digital marketing services I can provide?

    The licence lets you do a lot of different digital marketing things.