How to Set Up A Manufacturing Business In Amsterdam?

This article serves as a comprehensive guide, outlining the requirements, necessary documents, steps to set up a manufacturing business in Amsterdam.


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    set up a manufacturing business in amsterdam

    Starting a manufacturing company in Amsterdam is a wise decision that provides access to a vibrant market and an atmosphere that is conducive to business. It’s important to comprehend why Amsterdam is the perfect place for your manufacturing business before getting into the specifics. The city has a strong infrastructure that enables smooth mobility and a strategic location that links important European markets. Amsterdam is a desirable location for companies looking to expand internationally because of its highly qualified and bilingual workforce.

    This article serves as a comprehensive guide for establishing a manufacturing company in Amsterdam. It will further cover the requirements, necessary documents, steps, and crucial considerations involved in establishing your manufacturing venture in the vibrant city of Amsterdam.

    Requirements for Setting Up a Manufacturing Business in Amsterdam

    Legal Structure:

    To kickstart your manufacturing business in Amsterdam, determining the legal structure is the first step. Common structures include sole proprietorship, partnership, or establishing a private limited liability company (BV) – a well-liked option for companies because of its flexibility and low liability.

    Business Plan:

    A strong business plan is necessary for setting up a manufacturing business in Amsterdam. It is a necessity for getting funding and fulfilling specific legal requirements, in addition to acting as a blueprint for your company.

    Registration with the Chamber of Commerce:

    All businesses in the Netherlands, including manufacturing enterprises, need to enroll with the Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel or KvK). This step guarantees that your company is authorized to function legally.

    Documents Required for Setting up a Manufacturing Business in Amsterdam

    Setting up a manufacturing business in Amsterdam involves providing specific documents during the registration process. 

    These documents may include:

    • Valid ID/Passport: Ensure you have a valid identification document or passport for each business owner or director.
    • Proof of Address: Give verification of your Amsterdam company address. This might be a utility bill or a rental contract.
    • Articles of Association: For BV structures, you’ll need to draft and submit articles of association outlining the company’s regulations.
    • Declaration of Incorporation: A formal declaration stating your business complies with Dutch law is required during the registration process.

    Step-by-step Guide to Set Up a Manufacturing Business in Amsterdam

    Choose a Business Name:

    Choosing a distinctive and significant company name is essential. Verify with the Chamber of Commerce whether the name you have selected is available.

    Legal Structure Determination:

    After deciding which legal structure best fits your business’s goals, register it with the Chamber of Commerce.

    Business Bank Account:

    To keep your personal and professional finances apart, open a business bank account. This is both necessary for financial management and required by law.

    Tax Registration:

    Register for the necessary taxes, including VAT (Value Added Tax), income tax, and wage tax.

    Obtain Licenses and Permits:

    You could require particular licenses and permits based on the type of manufacturing business you operate. Research and secure them before commencing operations.

    Hire Employees (If Necessary):

    Make sure that your manufacturing company complies with Dutch employment laws and regulations if it needs employees.

    Considerations for Opening a Manufacturing Company in Amsterdam

    • Cultural Understanding: Familiarize yourself with Dutch business culture. Building relationships and effective communication are paramount in the Dutch business landscape.
    • Logistics and Infrastructure: Leverage Amsterdam’s excellent infrastructure for efficient logistics and supply chain management.
    • Access to Skilled Labor: One major advantage is Amsterdam’s competent and diversified workforce. Tap into local talent to enhance your business operations.
    • Market Research: Perform in-depth market research to comprehend prospective competitors and the level of demand for your products.

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    Document Procurement:

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    Compliance Assistance:

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    Tailored Solutions:

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    Establishing a manufacturing company in Amsterdam is a calculated decision that should lead to expansion and prosperity. You can build a successful company in this bustling metropolis by being aware of the requirements, keeping track of the required documentation, and taking the appropriate actions. The process is made even easier with OnDemand International by your side, guaranteeing a hassle-free business incorporation experience.


    The timeline for setting up a manufacturing business in Amsterdam varies depending on factors such as the complexity of your business structure and the efficiency of document processing. It usually takes a few weeks to several months.

    No, you must register your manufacturing company with the Amsterdam Chamber of Commerce. Your business will be assigned a unique identification number and legal recognition as a result of this registration.

    Amsterdam offers a pro-business environment, economic stability, and easy access to European markets. The city is a desirable place for manufacturing endeavors due to its advantageous location, well-established infrastructure, and encouraging government regulations.