Registration Process of Singpass – Step By Step Guide

Singpass the digital identity of every person residing in the country. If you’re eligible then the registration process of singpass can be done comfortably.


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registration process of singpass

Overview: What Is A Singpass & Registration Process Of Singpass

Singpass is called the Singapore Personal Access which is the digital identity of every person residing in the country. It is a trusted identity source for every Singaporean resident that provides them easy access to all the government sector services as well as private sector services online and in person. 

It allows the residents to connect and transact with the government agencies online and also lets you access your personal information easily. Singpass has a login id and password for every individual to access their account. Also, it has two-factor authentication for e-transactions which require sensitive data to remain secure. It generates a one-time password-only accessible to you for the higher safety of transactions.

A Singpass is also required when you’re registering a company in Singapore through ACRA, the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority of Singapore. The registration of any company is done through Bizfile, which is the online filing and information retrieval system of ACRA. A person must have a Singpass account in order to carry out transactions through Bizfile.

Registration Process Of Singpass

If you’re eligible to apply for a singpass, its process of registration can be done comfortably through its official website. The citizens and residents of Singapore can also get the registration done physically by visiting the nearest counter location in their area. The process for online registration is as follows.

  1. The first step is to provide all the necessary information and documents such as passport, driving license, valid permits, work permit, etc., as mentioned on the website.
  2. After applying, the password that is generated through Singpass will be mailed to the mentioned address within five days.
  3. Thereafter, your singpass account will be successfully created through which you can connect and transact with all the government provided facilities.
  4. In order to register a business with ACRA, you must create a singpass id beforehand in order to connect through Bizfile and conduct smooth and efficient transactions.

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    Eligibility Requirements For Singpass

    In order to apply for a Singpass, there are certain eligibility criteria that must be taken care of.

    1. Singpass is available to all citizens and residents of Singapore as well as foreigners from other nationalities.
    2. The minimum age to apply for a singpass is 15 years.
    3. You must be a holder of either of these passes – Employment Pass, Dependent Pass, S PassEntrePass, or LTV Pass.
    4. Some of the individuals with work permits can also apply for Singpass in order to avail digital services being offered by the government.


    A singpass is for personal use only, and should only be accessed by the actual holder of the account. It is a personalized portal offering you the services that make your life as well as your business activities easier. It acts as an identity of the person, whether he or she is a citizen, resident or a worker in Singapore. The credentials of your singpass must be kept safe and secure and should not be accessible by anyone. 

    A singpass works as an identity for your legal residence or employment in Singapore. It is a personalized and protected tool that lets you avail the digital services being offered by the government of Singapore. It is necessary to have your singpass login id and password in order to conduct easy transactions, keep your e-transactions safe and secure and connect to the government agencies and the services that they offer.

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